Thursday, June 16, 2022

On the road again


Miss D. and I are on the road again, heading for Libertycon this weekend in Chattanooga, TN.  It's our "home" convention, the one we regard as a gathering of friends and literary family.  It hasn't been held for two years, thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, so I'm sure there are lots of people as eager as we are to revive it.

Blog posting while on the road will be sporadic.  When between destinations, as we are at present (we're overnighting in Little Rock, AR), I'll try to put up brief progress reports.  At Libertycon, I hope I'll have time for longer posts, both about the convention and commenting on other things that catch my attention.  Watch this space for more!

We had a slightly rocky start to our journey when, no more than three or four miles from home, the air-conditioning in our SUV went out.  We were very fortunate to be so close to home that we could get back there without baking in the Texas summer heat, and even more fortunate that Miss D. had replaced her old vehicle with a brand-new one earlier this year.  It was a matter of a few minutes' work to transfer our baggage and impedimenta to her car, then we were off again.  It turns out that her vehicle is literally twice as economical with fuel as our SUV, so what we save on gas this trip may even pay for air-conditioner repairs!  Clouds, silver linings, etc. . .

Prayers for traveling mercies will, as always, be appreciated.



Eric Wilner said...

Have fun! Wish I could be there, but circumstances decree otherwise (even if memberships are available).

Unknown said...

Baggage AND impedimenta!

(Note to readers: Impedimenta is Latin for baggage.)

Safe travels, Peter!

Don in Oregon

Uncle Lar said...

Looking forward to seeing you both at LC.
Hoping we have a chance to chat and share a few thoughts and ideas that I am reluctant to express in electronic media.

Eric Wilner said...

Ah, a Latin lesson!
And here I thought Impedimenta was a Gaulish chieftain's wife.

Rob said...

Safe travels!

James said...

This Chattanoogan welcomes you. Sadly today's forecast is for 98f w/104f heat index. Friday is 97f. Please don't bring Texas hot to East TN.

Mark J said...

Drive safely, sending good vibes your way!