Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Forgive those who rammed the flawed, dangerous COVID-19 vax down our throats? Like hell!


Bitter Centurion, who's back in the blogging business, posts a superb (albeit sometimes profane) rant about demands that we should all forgive each other and get back to normal when it comes to the COVID-19 vaxxes.  He notes earlier demands such as these:

And I'm sure none of us have forgotten dogmatic idiots like Australian politician Michael Gunner:

Bitter Centurion has this to say to such people.

Although nothing Bass says in this article about why people like he and the 'scientific community' were wrong and about the damage the things they did caused (he actually doesn't go far enough in my opinion), I don't think he really, truly understands the sheer magnitude of what has happened as a result of what is, in my opinion, the establishment's greed, cowardice, apathy, ambition, and avarice.

. . .

So....what, do these people really think that we're just gonna go back to the way things were?  I wonder if they've given ANY thought whatsoever to what, exactly, it would take for "public trust to be restored" in science or the establishment or any other party that went hog wild over the last two years and took every available opportunity to **** over people who had more courage and integrity than they did?

Fact is, even before the scam-demic, there were many people out there who already mistrusted the establishment.  They didn't trust the government.  They didn't trust the corporations.  They didn't trust the media.  I can't stress it hard enough, these idiots were already on razor thin ice to begin with.  Now that it turns out these bastards were the lowest common denominator all along, thus verifying what the skeptical in society already knew,, do they really think they're going to earn back the trust of people who barely trusted them to begin with?  To say nothing of the people who are vax injured or have been killed by the clot shot.  Does Bass not think that those people have friends and family whose 'hearts and minds' they've lost?  Yeah.  Good ****ing luck getting those people to see you for something other than the greedy, scared little reptiles you truly are.

. . .

I don't think Bass understands how the idea of 'trust' works.  Once it's gone, it's gone.  It ain't coming back.  He can get up on what he thinks is his high horse and preach about how wrong he is, but it doesn't matter.  The scam-demic has shown everyone 'who's who in the zoo', so to speak.  We know who and what everything truly is and we've seen them for who and what they really are.  It's really something you can't un-see ... there's no way in hell that I, and likely most other people out there, are ever going to trust them again and that's just too ***damn bad.

There's more at the link.

I can only endorse what Bitter Centurion has to say.  The powers that be have burned away much, if not almost all, of people's trust in the health care establishment and industry, and the politicians who implemented their flawed (sometimes fatally flawed) measures.

  • All those people who died because they were (unnecessarily) forced onto ventilators?
  • All those older people who were forced to endure COVID patients being housed in their care facilities, spreading the disease like wildfire, and who died as a result?
  • All those who have already "died suddenly" as a result of the vaxx (and, whether they admit it or not, the ONLY common denominator among the ever-increasing "died suddenly" casualties is their vaccination status)?
  • All the women whose fertility has been affected - if not destroyed - by the vaxxes?  Do they really expect us to forget about them, and forgive the authorities for the disaster they themselves caused?

We haven't forgotten:  and we're not going to.

It may well be that we'll see another pandemic in due course.  It may well be that the medical authorities decree the mass vaccination of the public against it.  However, in the light of the COVID-19 fiasco, just how do those authorities think they're going to persuade us to meekly submit to their decrees and accept another rushed, untested, unproven vaccine?  I think a great many Americans, including yours truly, will tell them - in words of one syllable - what they can do with it.  I think many Americans are now of the view that if someone tries to force them to accept that sort of shot, they're going to encounter a few of a different sort in return.



Nylon12 said...

Haven't forgotten Lois Lerner nor what she did. These folks like Lars and Doug will have THEIR names remembered for a long time.

Ed P said...

From May 11th these evil Big Harma corporations will have no more protection from legal actions.

Buy popcorn, it's going to be a rough time for them, what a shame!

Anonymous said...

I was ruminating on this the other day... I won't let them inject ANYTHING into me anymore. I won't be letting them take anything out of me, either, fuck you and your blood bank. Tetanus booster? Fuck you, get away from me with that thing before I put a hole in your face. I don't even think I'll give my dog a rabies shot anymore!
Glad to see The Centurian back at it. He has a way with words, and a steady mind. Good people up there, even if he is a hoser.

Francis Turner said...

Not just Americans - see as an example

Mauser said...

And then there's that recent Project Veritas video, where we find that Pfizer has been blending their own versions of Covid to make vaccines for....

Maniac said...

The latest of many:

Merlin said...

Exactly, Peter.

They have no idea the amount of damage to their reputation that they have done.

There have been calls to: "Put this all behind us, forgive and forget".

My response:
FIRST there must be the admission of guilt,
THEN there needs to be HONEST Contrition,
THEN there needs to be recompense it whatever ways possible.

Only after all of that will I CONSIDER "forgiveness". However, I will NEVER "Forget", the absolute best they'll get is me not spitting in their faces every time I see them.

Am I an Anti-Vaxxer? By their definition: Yes. By my definition: now Yes, before: No.
I don't trust ANYTHING that has to be injected anymore. Without some level of trust in Pharma, who knows what they'll sneak in to vials now. After all, there's no punishment no matter what they do.

heresolong said...

One of the biggest harms of the vaccine mandate regime, imo, has been the increased lack of trust in other vaccines. I have all the standards including smallpox, MMR, etc. Whatever was given after 1964. I never thought about there being any issues. Now I wonder how many people are going to die because they won't get any of them. Stand by for outbreaks of disease that had been effectively eradicated in the US.

As far as "forgive and forget"? Dude, seriously? You wanted us to be shot, you wanted us to be fired, you wanted us to be evicted from our homes, you wanted us to be imprisoned, you wanted us to die. I wouldn't trust these people to hold my coffee while I tied my shoe at this point. And it's not like it was just one or two internet crazies. These attitudes were rampant. Someone suggested making a list of the people in your neighborhood who held these attitudes and unfortunately the hysteria was starting to die down by the time I heard the suggestion. So I don't have a list.

Mind your own business said...

The worst of those vaxx mandaters need to have their lives destroyed. There should be no forgiveness for their behavior. Ever.

Their true colors were on full display. The world will be better off without their genes in the pool.

Peter B said...

All those people who died because they were (unnecessarily) forced onto ventilators?

How about criminally forced onto ventilators?

In April 2020, the University of Chicago put this out:

"High-flow nasal cannulas, or HFNCs, are non-invasive nasal prongs that sit below the nostrils and blow large volumes of warm, humidified oxygen into the nose and lungs.

"A team from UChicago Medicine's emergency room took 24 COVID-19 patients who were in respiratory distress and gave them HFNCs instead of putting them on ventilators. The patients all fared extremely well, and only one of them required intubation after 10 days …

"'Avoiding intubation is key,' [UChicago Medicine's Emergency Department's medical director Dr. Thomas] Spiegel said. 'Most of our colleagues around the city are not doing this, but I sure wish other ERs would take a look at this technique closely.'"

Meanwhile China's stooges at the WHO promoted the use of mechanical ventilators--while China made lots of money exporting ventilators around the world. And while patients were put on ventilators which their doctors were starting to realize were killing them on the mistaken theory that patients on ventilators were safer for medical staff than patients on HFNC.

The WSJ said in December 2020:

"Doctors could have employed other kinds of breathing support devices that don't require risky sedation, but early reports suggested patients using them could spray dangerous amounts of virus into the air, said Theodore Iwashyna, a critical-care physician at University of Michigan and Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals in Ann Arbor, Mich.

"At the time, he said, doctors and nurses feared the virus would spread through hospitals. 'We were intubating sick patients very early. Not for the patients' benefit, but in order to control the epidemic and to save other patients,' Dr. Iwashyna said 'That felt awful.'"

Joseph Mercola writes (in the article linked >here in which these quotes and footnotes to their sources are found:) "[a]s noted in a January 23, 2023, Substack article, in which James Lyons-Weiler revisits the ventilator issue and the shocking reason behind it, 'euthanizing humans is illegal. Especially for the benefit of other patients. It should feel awful.'"

Zarba said...

I was 10 days away from losing a 40-year career and likely financial ruin because of "the mandate". All because I wouldn't take their jab. I was unwilling to bet my life (and those of my family) on an unproven treatment.
Luckily, the USSC (on that day) had some balls and stopped it.

At my age, I'm unlikely to have been able to find an equivalent job/income, and was looking at looting basically all my savings to survive.

Forgiveness requires real contrition from the one you forgive. I have yet to see that in any of the puff pieces. I will never forgive nor forget what they've done.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Peter;

We were threatened with our jobs, we were threatened to be put into camps "like lepers to infect others like our ilk", we were told that we would have our kids taken away from us....we lost our family and friends over this because of the covidkarens....Now they want "forgiviness"? no....I ain't feeling it right now...I am feeling a bit vengeful right now.

boron said...

I will be very happy to forgive them (and pray for) their souls when their bodies are finally taken down from the gibbet.

Xoph said...

I don't listen or watch the MSM anymore. Is it really coming out in the MSM? None of my family have told me I've been right. My 85 year old mother definitely took the line with me that any unvaxxed just wanted to kill the elderly. I'm in a rural area now and not a lot of people bought in to the story. I'm pretty out of touch. Sign downtown is still recommending vaxxs for all ages.

But forgive - when real contrition is made. We still don't know long term effects and no one as far as I know is studying it. There is still a lot of muddying the impact, especially in the US by our health authorities.

Look at the recommended vaccination list for kids. It's huge and start at birth. I've asked for a long time if there is not a better way to do it. Wait until kids are older and the immune system better developed. I've been labeled anti-vax because of that. If the overall population is healthy and disease free you could wait to vax until 6 or even 8. Of course our current immigration policy ends that argument. So trust these guys, sorry no, never again.

Old NFO said...

They have 'conveniently' forgotten what they did and think we should too... not so much...

Paul said...

Never trust the doctors again. Barely trusted them before now no trust. No check up, no preventative measures. Doing some Homeopathic stuff now and feel pretty good for my age.

Chiro is good as well.

I am of the opinion of not going back into the standard health care unless there is no other choice. By then it might be moot but we shall see.

Noah Bawdy said...

I will never trust what a medical professional tells me unless I can get proof. Screw your poison vaccines.

froginblender said...

@Anonymous at 6:04 AM

Ironically, the tetanus vaccine is far and away the safest of all regular vaccines.

Anonymous said...

Forgive them? God forgive me, I don't know if I can, from the heart. I remember the hundreds (thousands?) of children in Australia injected with that cocktail against their parents wishes and i remember those in my home country wishing that our gov't would do the same and the memory burns like phosphorous.

kurt9 said...

This is the only apology that is acceptable to me:

Aesop said...

IIRC, I already dealt with a suitable response to the likes of J. Douglas Lickspittle:

If anything, I'm less reasonable and accommodating about things now than I was way back then.

Light the beacons, and let's get this party started.

Aesop said...


FTR: Hospitals were intubating patients who could no longer keep up with the work of breathing. That's not "sick", that's respiratory failure.

As more was learned, HFNC, and flipping patients on to their faces early on, were used, and intubations decreased, because intubated patients had poor outcomes.

By a strange coincidence, patients left to go through respiratory arrest from literal muscular exhaustion, followed shortly afterwards by cardiac arrest from lack of oxygen, also have poor outcomes.

The people that were intubated had no other options, other than Last Rites, and people frequently came in with O2 sats in the low 90s (normal is >95%, for everyone), were placed on supplemental oxygen by nasal cannula, then face masks, then non-rebreather (pure O2) face masks. And still degenerated into needing intubations (which is all that's left after non-rebreather masks, in a matter of just a few hours after arrival, frequently in less than a single shift.

Also, kindly bear in mind the accuracy of the media generally, on any of 50 topics, and then Gell-Mann yourself into answering how accurately any reports you're reading about how it was during the height of COVID from 2-3 years ago are portraying it now.

Followed by a show of hands of how many reporters were on-hand in COVID wards, anywhere, at the time, to get it right.

Just saying.

Peter B said...

Aesop, I know you were in the trenches with COVID. But so was Dr. Spiegel in Chicago (and IIUC, a month or two earlier than you were. His assertion was that positioning and HFNC could lessen the likelihood of the patient deteriorating to the point that intubation was the sole remaining available treatment; he was paying attention to poor outcomes in intubated patients in Italy. (IIUC in COVID one lesson learned was that the poor outcome of intubation is a reflection of both how sick the patients who got intubated were, and also that intubation is less likely to help in specific pathophysiology of COVID than it is in other forms of respiratory failure.)

Dr. Iwashyna in Ann Arbor, who was particularly concerned with "treatment" that did not prioritize the patients' welfare.

My impression is that there was heavy pressure for intubation and mechanical ventilation just as there was heavy pressure against HCQ, ivermectin and high dose prednisone.

While it is true that the retrospectoscope is the most accurate diagnostic instrument it's still interesting to look at the work of the people who were right, or righter, early on; I think Dr. Spiegel is one of them.

Aesop said...

The heavy pressure was keeping people alive.

"Just flipping people over", for starters, violates every medical tenet extant.

Starting with the most important three: "airway!, airway!, airway!".

It was literally alien to everyone's medical practice everywhere, since forever.

And once a patient gets to needing intubation, nothing else will substitute. Nothing.

Flipping people over and using HFNC helped us avoid people getting to that point. Sometimes. For a few cases.

The harsh reality, especially to the idiots who think this was a fake narrative, is that some people were always going to die of COVID (!-5%, avg.). And there still isn't a helluva lot that medicine can do for anyone to prevent that. That means in a 40-bed ER, we might lose someone every day. Or more. And we did.

The biggest problem with COVID is COVID-induced pneumonia, which is everywhere, both lungs, all at once. (Think water and glue). Normal pneumonia is focal, usually only part of one lung. That's bad enough. COVID pneumonia is a catastrophe.

Ventilation is designed to inflate lungs for gas exchange, without popping them.

When your lungs are full of the biological equivalent of peanut butter and water, there's no way to do that, and ventilation just staved off the inevitable for a time.

Just like with some infections, there aren't enough antibiotics in the world to claw you back from sepsis and septic shock.

And like with CPR, which has a success rate of less than 20% (probably closer to 5% overall).

I'll take the few percentage points of winning, because for the lucky few, it means the world.

But heroic measures have a piss-poor success record, overall.

Anonymous said...

The only reason to give whole blood is to reduce iron levels to reduce arteriosclerosis risk.