Thursday, February 2, 2023

US military pilots may be in a world of hurt


LTC Theresa Long, a US Army flight surgeon, hit the headlines in 2021 with her claims that COVID-19 vaccines were actively harming the health of US military personnel.  She's been pilloried by the establishment, but has continued to give evidence concerning what she sees as damage caused by the vaccines.

Now she publishes this tweet.

(For those not familiar with the acronyms above, DMED is the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database, and DoD is the Department of Defense.)

If LTC Long's figures are correct, that implies the 36,000-odd pilots in all services of the US military have suffered a "casualty rate" from COVID-19 illness and/or vaccinations (plus a few other minor causes) of about 25% - one-quarter of them!!! - over the past three years.

That just boggles the mind.  If that's the case, it means huge problems ahead for this country's armed forces.  I'm sure not all those medical reports refer to permanent damage, harm that renders the pilot(s) concerned unable to continue their flying career . . . but how many of them do refer to such damage?  How hard-hit has the US military pilot community been by such injuries/damage?  Has anybody compiled such figures?  If so, they're certainly a matter of national security, but also of public interest.

Last but not least, with the aggressive, militaristic posture the USA has adopted concerning the war in Ukraine and the defense of Taiwan . . . do we have enough fit, healthy, combat-capable pilots to back up that posture?

We need answers, and we need them NOW.  In the military, we used to say to a braggart or tough-talker;  "Your bulldog mouth is writing checks your hummingbird ass can't cash" (or - frequently more profane - words to that effect).  If we don't have enough pilots to do everything needed in time of war, the Biden administration had better stop making aggressive geopolitical pronouncements, unless it wants to put our entire nation in that position.


EDITED TO ADD:  A couple of hours after I posted this, guess what popped up?

Recent Data Shows 'Stunning Increase' In Serious Harm Reports In Young Healthy Pilots: Army Lt. Col. Theresa Long


Anonymous said...

If you look elsewhere, we really don't have enough pilots already, in part due to the military insisting they take non-flying positions regularly and in part due to bureaucratic hassles that have gotten much, much, worse the last 5 years to the point that more and more leave after 1 tour instead of doing more tours.
This will only make the shortage worse, and to be honest it applies to many military specialties that need experienced hand on people...if we get into a major war, our military is going to be in a world of hurt!

Old NFO said...

And this is just the tip of the iceberg... sigh

Bob Gibson said...

Very scary. Looks like the post-notvax numbers jumped 10 - 20 X the pre-notvax. 'Move along. Nothing to see here."

Anonymous said...

What about the other combat arms? There's only about 55K infantryman in the US Army. If the proportions are the same (25%), that means there's only ~42k grunts to do the heavy lifting....

SiGraybeard said...

What catches my eye in there is the 10x worse numbers from 2019 to 2020, when the vaccines didn't start into wide distribution until the end of '20. So why did it precede the widespread vaccination push?

Reading Dr. Long's Twitter thread two things seem possible. The first is that she says something about the FAA having changed the cardiac standards, something about elongating the PR interval on the EKG, but not exactly when that was changed. So it could be people are flying who wouldn't have been flying before the EKG change, and those people are the (10x to 20x) increase.

The other possibility that has to be mentioned is that this is "post hoc, ergo propter hoc", "after this, therefore because of this," commonly referred to as a logical fallacy. This isn't a controlled experiment, it's an observation and all we know is that it's a correlation. Perhaps those pilots had the infection and virus itself caused it?

Gee. All this because I noticed the jump in '20 and said, "that's funny..."

Peter said...

@SiGraybeard: I suspect the dramatic increase in 2020 was the result of actual COVID infections, rather than the vaccine. 2021 and 2022 would have been more vaccine injuries than "illness injuries", IMHO, YMMV and all the usual caveats.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how you arrived at the 36,000 "implied" number. The actual numbers provided are serious enough. What is your extrapolation based on. You should explain that in your post.

Peter said...

@Anonymous at 12:28PM: Follow the Twitter link provided, and read the replies and comments there. You'll find all that information and more.

BGnad said...

=>" the Biden administration had better stop making aggressive geopolitical pronouncements, unless it wants to put our entire nation in that position."

I'm thinking that we area getting very firmly into that position.

Steve Sky said...

To expand on that problem, commercial pilots were supposed to be Jabbed at peril of their jobs (be Jabbed or be fired). When are we going to start seeing airliners falling out of the sky, because the airlines are going to a single pilot and the pilot died "Suddenly".

That also explains why the Davos conference specified the pilots of their private planes were un-Jabbed.

Aesop said...


Her tweet was reporting numbers of deaths, permanent harm, and temporary serious harm, which begin to spike in 2020, not after the changes in allowance for longer PR intervals.
Rounded, it's 2000-3000-4000.

It's getting worse.

And it's not that they're letting former pilots fly again, it's that they're letting jab-damaged pilots fly at all.

@Peter: There's no way to extrapolate her numbers to the entire military. Any given pilot could be in the tally in more than one, or all three, of those last years.
And the other services have differing numbers of pilots.

Per a GAO report in 1999,

There were circa 28K active duty pilots in the branches. The Army share was only 4800 of that total.
So the Doc's numbers imply that nearly 100% of Army pilots died, or had serious permanent or temporary disabilities in 2023!

It's thus far worse than you imagine.

Anonymous said...

25% if you total the 3 years. Some of those may be repeat entries reducing the percentage. OTOH those are "reported events". Could be more that didn't get reported. Yet.

Steve S6

Aesop said...

Cancel that last: I see she was referring to a DoD-wide database, not just an Army one.
I was flipping back and forth between the pdf and the tweet source.

Anonymous said...

They were giving flu patients Remdesivir, which causes renal failure, intubating perfectly healthy people with the flu to "protect" others, locking down entire communities and generally making people more unhealthy.
Thousands were killed by the government before Trumps "miracle" "vaccine" was released.
The virus itself has a 99.7% survivability in all age groups, about the same as the flu.

Anonymous said...

Sad, terrible facts. Res ipsa loquitur. Bleib ubrig.

Anonymous said...

Just think how bad the commercial pilots are.

Anonymous said...

LTC Long's findings suggest, as do so many other sources of data, that the SARS-Co19 event was in fact an act of biological warfare. The pathogen, the response to it, everything.... if one accepts that premise as correct, it begs a number of questions. Such as who was/is behind the act, and what are the objectives of such an attack. The Chi-Coms certainly had the means and the motive, but the trail of evidence also suggests deep involvement of actors within the U.S. itself. Regarding the damage to readiness of the U.S. military and the civilian healthcare system, are we not seeing some of those possible objectives being attained right in front of us?

Unknown said...

In 2016-ish when the deagel report numbers became somewhat widespread showing the US military and population being totally decimated by 2024 I always wondered what and how it would all go down. Now I can see super clearly.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely an act of war! Go to Col.John Boyd's briefing 'Patterns of Conflict', read & understand what he is trying to get across and you will find the framework of everything that has been executed so far and virtually unopposed. The implications of all this to those who understand Boyd's creation are beyond the pale. The actors are China & the WEF acting in concert with each other on a full war footing. Oh if China would just attack Pearl Harbor or something obvious & overt but not-going-to-happen. We are being pulled apart at the seams in such a way that most know what's happening but they don't 'know' what's happening. Lives, systems, economies, capabilities and resiliency are being terminated and at a rapidly increasing pace. Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but we are totally 'consumated'.

Anonymous said...

If so then you are a better man than most, Gunga Din.
For anyone that has tried to develop a functional knowledge of Boyd's work these are fascinating times.
Consider that the 100 hour first gulf war strategy was Boyd's strategy as he schooled Cheney on it in briefings at the white house. Cheney mandated schwartzcopf follow it much to the generals protest. Watch the briefing he was TOLD to give to the press where he describes the 'Hail Mary' strategy. Not a happy man as he wanted his 'hey diddle diddle right up the middle' strategy (tragedy) used.
China was watching. Basically they posed a question to their legions of professionals within the various sectors as such: How can we (China)kill off americans without them noticing until its just too late for them to stop us from finishing the job. Better yet how can we get the americans to help us in our efforts. We should just congratulate them and then shoot ourselves.

Anonymous said...

So Biden doesn't have enough f16 pilots to bomb all the ar15 bros. lolz.