Tuesday, February 7, 2023

The real danger of the illegal alien invasion


I'm going to try to pull together several threads in my thinking in this post, and make sense of them as a cohesive whole.  Please understand I'm not theorizing here - I'm speaking from brutal, often bloody experience in the Third World.  There's a recognizable pattern emerging in the illegal alien invasion of the USA, and I'm convinced it's being planned and directed that way by those who've allowed, encouraged and are subsidizing that invasion.

Let's start with the situation I've seen in much of Africa.  When a country or region is destabilized, entire tribes and clans are often driven from their homes by more powerful forces coming in from elsewhere.  In some cases, those outside forces are organized and deliberately instigated to drive out the locals.  When the locals flee, they end up in refugee camps or - if they're unlucky - just living in the bush, surviving as best they can.  The one tie they still have left - the tie they cling to as if to a lifeline - is their tribal and/or ethnic kin.  To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, they "hang together because otherwise they would surely hang separately".  That, in turn, means that their group will try to get what it needs to survive by any means necessary, including attacking other groups who have what they need.

In this way, displaced people displace other people in the areas to which they flee.  The latter do the same in their turn, and so on and so on.  It's like ripples spreading in a pond.  Toss a stone into the center, and the ripples spread until they're covering the entire surface.  Sometimes, such disruptions are accidental.  At other times, they're deliberate.  If one nation or tribe wants to dominate an area, what better way than to make all the other, less influential/powerful groups attack each other?  "Divide and rule" is a very ancient concept, and it works.  That's why it's still used to this day.  The more powerful group can then (if it wishes) impose peace by wiping out anyone making trouble, thereby earning the gratitude of all those they've "saved from violence".  Get the idea?

Now, consider the illegal alien invasion of the USA from that perspective.  For a start, consider those who make up the bulk of the arrivals, and what that implies.  Michael Yon reports from what he calls the "Panama invasion corridor".

Heart Dump, Sans edit

I made this video at Puerto Limon in Darien Gap as this group emerged. Most are military aged males.

Every day I am with them I see a sprinkling among the masses — a few who appear dangerously insane. And another sprinkling of obvious predatory males. This is true here in Darien, and the US/Mexico border ... As of today, about 1,000/day are flowing through Darien Gap from more than one hundred countries.

This is funded in many ways. Mostly from our pockets to UN/IOM, World Food Program, Red Cross, and more. ‘Migrants’ often also pay, though an Afghan in this group told me someone in America is paying his way. Some of the Indians said they paid 20k USD each, while some Chinese said they paid 7k.

There's more at the link.

Mr. Yon went to the Dominican Republic a couple of days ago, to investigate the massive influx of Haitians fleeing the chaos of their own country.  Many of those Haitians are trying to get to the USA, bringing with them that background of callous criminality.  Yon observes:

Dominican Republic is building an anti-Haitian wall and doing mass deportations of Haitians. During our drive yesterday, encountered about 10 checkpoints with uniformed men carrying M-16 rifles.

We are with a Haitian Pastor who has spent many years in DR and who still has family in Haiti. We may cross into Haiti today but that is like Mogadishu-level danger. Haitians leave a trail of violence through the Darien Gap. The Embera and Kuna Indians will tell you this. As do those here in Dominican Republic and thus mass deportations due to extreme criminality.

Again, more at the link.  Yon also reports that as many as 162,000 Haitians have recently been deported from the Dominican Republic, including many unaccompanied minors.

Note that many criminals are among those trying to cross illegally into the United States.  The Border Patrol's own figures bear this out.  Also, many members of transnational criminal gangs such as MS-13 are included in their number.  Add together those facts, plus the criminal orientation of many immigrants from hellholes such as Haiti, and you have a recipe for disaster.  It's even more of a recipe if that disaster is planned and organized.

I'm seeing signs of that all over the country.  Crime rates are rising, criminal gangs are becoming more brazen and ruthless by the day, and already over-stretched police forces are unable to stop them - particularly when hampered by progressive, left-leaning District Attorneys who are reluctant to prosecute the criminals they capture.  Add to that the organized nature of the criminal influx through our southern border, and you're left with only one conclusion.  This whole thing is deliberate.  See the first article cited above, the sources of the funding that's paying for much of this influx, and see also my earlier article on the subject.

I've seen all this before on another continent, in several countries there, over a period of years.  Mr. Yon has seen it in his training as a Green Beret, learning how to organize and coordinate locals to rise up against their masters.  We've all seen it in recent years in Venezuela, where first Chavez and later Maduro deliberately armed the poor, jobless youth with military weapons, organized them into gangs, and turned them loose on the rest of the country.  (I wonder why Homeland Security boss Mayorkas is working so hard to "import" young Venezuelans into the USA?  Could it be that he has ideas of using them in the same way?  Might their existing "training" under Chavez and Maduro make them particularly suitable recruits for American powers that be?)  We're admitting up to 30,000 per month for the next two years from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela - all nations with terrible crime and human rights records.  Why, precisely, do we want them here - so much so that they'll be given precedence over those from other nations?

Remember what I said earlier about ripples spreading across a pond?  The stone in the American underworld was the arrival (or deliberate admission) of literally millions of illegal aliens, many of whom are criminals or come from societies riddled with criminals.  They can't find work, and have to live in poor conditions unless they find a way to make money - so many of them turn to crime.  In response, local criminals try to "protect their turf" against them, and inter-criminal violence breaks out.  The ripples spread from one city to another, and end up destabilizing our entire society.  Soon it's no longer criminal against criminal, but all criminals against the relatively defenseless "sheep" society around them in big cities.

It's all part of the Cloward-Piven strategy to destabilize our American way of life.  It's also part of identity politics:  create lots and lots of little groups with "entitled" attitudes, who won't work together to build a common society, but spar with each other to grab whatever they can for themselves and prevent others from getting as much.  (In that sense, identity politics is yet another expression of "divide and rule".)  The illegal alien surge is the lever (or one of the levers) by which the progressive powers that be intend to "move the world".  Sound familiar?

I'm convinced that this is a real, immediate and existential threat to our country.

Michael Yon sees it the same way.  He predicts:

This is an obvious invasion force. Most of them likely have no idea yet. As a former Green Beret, and having spent many years in many wars and conflicts, and an equal time with nose in history books — this all is amazingly clear.

My estimation: They will later be armed with phones. Many will be assembled in camps within USA. Most will be left to the wilds.

They will be indoctrinated to hate white folks — including Asians, and anyone else seen as ‘white’, such as blacks who are not wildly racist against whites. When Stalin did similar in Ukraine before and during the great famine, this phase of genocide was called “kulakisation.” They labeled people they wanted to exterminate as ‘kulaks.’ Jews will be familiar with the process. Historically speaking, this is common. In America, you are labeled racist.

These terms generally are fuzzy and made to velcro onto anyone for anything. People who were weaponized against kulaks, Jews, and so many others in history, are made to hate the target group. And they are armed and without rules. After they are ready and armed, their food will be cut off. They will come with guns and knives for your food and for your women.

Their reward is to kill the men, rape the women, boys, and girls, and steal all your everything including life. They will burn and torture for fun, sport, hatred, and because many were raised in savagery to begin with.

This all has been done many times. This is not conspiracy theory. This is Real History repeating.

The invaders will be organized by ethnicity. Haitians with Haitians, Cubans with Cubans, Chechens with Chechens, etc with etcetera.

After the killing is done, many of them will be killed. Because they are useful idiots, and nobody wants those savages around. Especially not the ‘elite’ who facilitated the invasion and organisation. This is the way these things go. The elite want slaves and spoils. These so-called migrants will kill millions of they are not stopped. Watch. When the food and power go out. It will be kill or be killed.

There will be no option for most people to sit this one out .... I warn from the depths of my heart. We are going to war.

More at the link.

Armed with phones?  They sure are.  They're being given smartphones as they enter the USA, complete with an immigration app that's designed to help them find financial and other aid to ease their transition to our country.  It should be obvious to anyone that those same cellphones can be used to contact them, issue instructions, coordinate their movements, and bring them together for action.  They're being transported at US government expense to anywhere they want to go - and sometimes transported deliberately to "red" areas of the country, in an obvious attempt to increase the "blue" influence there.

In a great many of the cities where these illegal aliens are congregating, street crime, burglaries and home invasions are rising steeply.  El Paso, Texas is a good example, but there are many others.  Examine the crime statistics for your own city, and figure it out for yourself.  (However, note that many cities are deliberately not recording or under-reporting such crime statistics, because their administrations don't want the public to be alarmed by the truth.)

I don't like to republish reports like this.  I don't want them to be true.  However, my own extensive experience in the Third World makes me agree with Mr. Yon, almost word for word.  The pattern is an historic one, and it's as clear as daylight to those who know the signs for which to look.  The threat is real, and it's current, and it's not going away.

We can no longer evade or avoid it.  We can only confront it - in the sure and certain knowledge that the Biden administration will not confront it.  We're basically on our own, in our local communities and (if we're fortunate) in our state administrations.

Tomorrow I'll talk about how we can address the situation, in such a way that we maximize our own security while minimizing the risk of official retaliation for doing so.



Ray - SoCal said...

The illegals I’ve met are here for economic reasons and just want work.

Fake socials, etc are part of their lives.

The ones that suffer are those on the lower economic with low skills. Instapundit a while back mentioned after an enforcement action, the Black unemployment rate went down in his area of Tn.

I wonder if DeSantis forcing use of e-verify is having much of an impact in Fl?

Anonymous said...

They can work in their own countries. No need to tolerate them here

1chota said...

There are millions of illegals already here; AMLO stated just a few weeks ago that there were 40 million Mexicans living here. Wells Fargo banks are the prime mover for remittances going back to Mexico and other countries. These amount to billions of dollars. That is money not spent here in our economy.
Maybe Ray has limited exposure to illegals, but illegals are and have been for a long time no longer the job hungry people just trying to improve their home life. Mexico has been a disaster of a country for well over a century.
Haiti and Cuba are shit holes. Read Yon's article on the Haitians.
We have neither the need nor the ability to take in the world's poor.
Federal and state governments have foolishly enrolled the illegals in public assistance. The current welfare state that subsists both citizen and alien is untenable.

Ritchie said...

Having recently moved to Small City New Mexico, I note the seemingly out of proportion level of general crime and shootings in Albuquerque, the largest NM city. It also appears to be a blue hole, and not the one people scuba dive in.

Mike-SMO said...

Remember Compton, California.

In Compton, the Hispanics moved in ( with their gangs) and drove the Black gang-bangers into other ghettos. Compton went from almost 100% Black with about 100 murders per year to about 70% Hispanic with virtually no violent crime. The pols and property owners loved it. South L.A. is one big ghetto. Who cares where the gang-bangers move? .Most American cities are surrounded by functional suburbs and rural areas.

You are going to love you new neighbors. They are pushing multifamily housing for a reason. The ghetto refigees have to go someplace.

They are encouraging the inlux of illegals for a reason. ,

Anonymous said...

My experience matches yours. They are only here for the money. I believe the current crop coming across however is much much different.

MNW said...

Most the Mexicans and Guatimalans seem to, but...

1) my sample is biased twords the ones I see, and most I see are working. That is in no way represntitve as a whole.

2) Hatians, Indians, Africans, Asians. and others... if you had to take a boat or a plane. Who paid for that ticket? Everything smells bad about it.

3) Hatians are as discribed above. To my knowlage they are the only revolution to kill everyone and Hati has been either a failed or or barely finctonal state since then.

4) See the protests in NYC this week when they tryed moving illegals from hotels to shelters ir see the stories of the food they waste. These are not greatful poeple happy to be free.

Aesop said...

I went to the border nearly twenty years ago to stave exactly that war off.

I got my ten miles closed for good.
Which is like my older brother said about Vietnam: "We were ahead when I left..."

Now, that war is coming anyways, because TPTB have thrown the gates open.

Rivers of blood, mountains of skulls, and oceans of tears.

This continent will probably be majority-white again.
But it's going to be blood-red before that happens.

And sure as God made little green apples, your meat suit is going to be your uniform in the upcoming sportiness. Not your ID or passport.

People should probably start wrapping their heads around that truth.

Clifton Armbergere said...

I suspect certain sections of certain cities are closer to becoming "free fire zones" - for a great many reasons, some quite acceptable - than we suspect.

This will not end well.

But end it will.

Maniac said...

Again, only a matter of time before a dirty bomb is snuck across the border and detonated in a major American city.

Preferably San Francisco.

Ray - SoCal said...

Illegals are impacting housing. In the LA area they are increasing demand at the lower level.

The US probably has 10-20% of Mexicans living in the US. Numbers are fuzzy. If 40 million with Mexico’s population of 132 million may be even 30%. The us acts like a safety valve for Mexico.

Compton was Black, is now majority Hispanic, 68%.

In the other thread it was mention 150 million people would like to immigrate to the US. This is probably a low ball, we already have probably 30 million illegals here ( official numbers are highly massaged).

Aesop said...

It was 11M illegals in the 1990s, and we've been taking in 1M/year since then.
That puts 40M as the lowball real-world estimate, not counting the first generation of anchor babies, which is 2-5 kids per household.

nick flandrey said...

Hartford CT has gone the same way as Compton. Heck, a neighborhood I have business in here in Houston has gone from a majority black shitehole to a majority hispanic shitehole in 10 years. Random crime has gotten BETTER with the influx. Fewer white teens pimped on the main drag, while black pimps watch from the gas stations... plenty of not-white women working the area now. The icehouses (crappy little bars) are all hotbeds of fighting and murder, each with a different nationality or regional affiliation.

I recently noticed that we now have enough invaders that they have narrowly focused stores - ie Brazilian jeans, Colombian fashions, not just a generic storefront clothing store.

Lots of young men hanging out in parking lots and behind every quickie mart and storefront bodega. No women in evidence when the men are out.

And bus after bus filled with young kids, 3-4 per family in elementary school, with multiple buses unloading at every apartment complex. Complexes that are so dangerous to kids that they are met at the bus and escorted the 100 yards to their front doors. Or maybe that behaviour just carried over from wherever they came from, like buying bottled drinking water.

NYFC whines about getting hundreds while we deal with thousands, and we're 1/5th the population of NYC.

Armor and weapons, and ammo. Identity blurring measures, and disposable vehicles. Don't wait until the last minute.