Monday, March 30, 2009

Light posting tonight

Hello, all. It's been a fairly pleasant day here in Anchorage, at least by late-March Alaska standards - three inches or so of snowfall overnight, and today' s high was in the upper 30's! I'm shivering at the moment, because I've just come in from outside: but everyone here is well bundled up against the cold (while ignoring the snow-clouds above - it's Alaska, after all!). Having traveled light, I'm not bundled up so warmly: but I think I'll cope for my short time here.

I'm going to be making more posts, but as I write these words, the Internet connection (wireless) is very tenuous, and is cutting out repeatedly - makes for difficult posting, to put it mildly! Therefore, I'm going to abandon further posts until I can be sure that what I write will be what comes out on the Internet. I'd hate to publish gibberish!

I'll try to post more late tonight or early tomorrow morning.


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Old NFO said...

We'll be standing by...

Hehe- WV- donsweat