Sunday, February 28, 2010

The funniest headline failures

The Huffington Post has an article entitled 'The Funniest Headline Fails Of All Time'. It describes them as follows:

Newspapers (and even some news websites) just keep providing us with gold. Last week, we showed you the creepiest classified ads, and now we've collected our favorite unintentionally funny headlines. We're convinced that none of these publications have editors. And if they do, either they have an amazing sense of humor, or they're completely oblivious. If it's the latter, perhaps they missed on being a teenager, when anything sounding remotely sexual was the funniest thing in the world.

Here are three examples from the article, to whet your appetite.

There are more at the link. Some are definitely not safe for work, but they're all very funny.


1 comment:

misbeHaven said...

I'd bet that "Skywalkers in Korea Cross Han Solo" was written that way on purpose. I LOL'ed.