Saturday, February 20, 2010

Unhand that bridge, Sir!

It's wonderful to see the English sticking up for tradition - even somewhat comic tradition - and sticking it to the politically correct bureaucracy at the same time.

Tickle Cock bridge has held its name for generations, thanks to the railway underpass's popularity among couples as prime spot for a cheeky fumble.

But Wakefield district council officials became shy when a regeneration scheme in the area was being filmed for Channel 4, and a plaque was put up with the bowdlerised name of 'Tittle Cott'.

But angry residents demanded that the name be changed back to the rude version. Castleford Area Voice for the Elderly, a local group for people over 50, complained that they were 'offended' by the name-change.

And the council relented, and erected a replacement plaque with 'Tickle Cock' back in its rightful place.

Local author Brian Lewis welcomed the move, saying: 'I feel we should never alter names, and Tickle Cock has a very clear message behind it.'

Ha! Country cheek and humor triumph again!



Old NFO said...

Tradition AND humor, one has to love the Brits for that if nothing else. :-)

bluesun said...

That's the second thing I've read today about British identity.

Is there hope?