Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Now I'm afraid to go back to the dentist!

Popular Fidelity reports:

Chinese dentist Yu Qian has a novel way to remind his patients that they need to brush their teeth three times a day. You see, over his 15 years of dentistry, he’s had to yank a lot of teeth. Out of his estimated 100,000 customers, he’s harvested 28,000 teeth, most of which were victimized by tooth decay and rot. Using those 28,000 teeth, he’s built one impressive statue out of rotten molars and rancid bicuspids.

The unusual tower is over 8 feet tall and consists of teeth harvested from his own patients (built with the help of Dr. Yu’s six students). Just think about it this way: he built this tower out of teeth over the past 15 years. Imagine how many teeth he had to pull from patients’ heads before he decided to build this statue!

There's more at the link. Here's a video clip of the 'tower of teeth'.




Crucis said...

For me, it's more like, "Yuck!"

The worst dentist that ever worked on me was a Colonel while I was in the Air Force. I'd been hurt and had a number of teeth, molars, cracked and chipped. He proceeded to bridge all the affected teeth making them one solid mass.

His solution was a PAIN!. Teeth are supposed to float. Mine didn't. A couple of years later when I left the Air Force, I went to a civilian dentist (who was also a Navy Reservist) to get them fixed. He sawed through the bridges and finally, one by one, replaced all the fillings and reconstruction done by the Colonel. Then we sued the Air Force for the cost of the repairs; a total around $11,000. It took awhile but the Air Force coughed up the money.

That Colonel was incompetent and had a drinking problem. He was being carried until he retired. He shoulda been kicked out on his butt.

Anonymous said...

I'l floss! I'LL FLOSS!!!!!