Thursday, September 6, 2012

Artistically creative, or obsessive-compulsive?

I've always considered lawn-mowing as nothing more than an occupational hazard of living in a house, but it seems there are those who take it much further.  It's apparently an art form in its own right in the gardening world.  In fact, the Telegraph has published a picture gallery of 'Creatively Striped Lawns'.  Here are a few examples.

There are many more images at the link.  It seems a bit obsessive-compulsive, if you ask me . . . but perhaps not so obsessive-compulsive as those who paint their drought-stricken lawns green!



Shrimp said...

As someone who lives in the Denver area, and used to live in a HOA controlled community, I can tell you that painting the lawn might be the most cost effective way to keep the HOA off your back when water becomes scarce or too expensive.

If they were painting it merely to keep a particular look, then I might agree that they were obsessing. If they're doing it for the sake of keeping the HOA away, then I totally understand it.

Anonymous said...

The lawn grasses in the UK are quite different from those in the USA - denser and narrower-leafed than those in the US, so the lawns pictured will have "sripes" whether intentional or not. The reel/roller mowers common for larger lawns there amplify the effect, but even spinning-blade mowers drag a shield that leaves stripes. (Their hover mowers don't....)
And if you always follow the same path for the frequent mowing that the UK climate requires, you end up creating unintentional furrows from the path of the wheels.
So each time one mows, one thinks "OK, what pattern am I going to follow today, so that I vary from the last time but leave stripes that don't look like a drunken wander?"

JC said...

You can get the same effect indoors with careful vacuuming. In some cases I got an "oh Honey, you shouldn't have!", and other times just "You shouldn't have". Bu8t what can a poor boy do (cept to sing for rock and roll band)?