Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thunderstorm up . . . blogging down

It's a painful evening for me.  A thunderstorm came rolling in a couple of hours ago, and (as always) my fused spine and damaged sciatic nerve let me know it was coming an hour or two ahead of time.  I'm really not feeling up to blogging much, so I'll beg off for the evening.  However, I can never sleep more than a few hours at a stretch, so check back in the morning for more articles.

Sleep well, y'all.


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Auntie J said...

My friend, I feel your pain. (Almost literally, in fact.) I hope it eases up for you soon.

I was in a bad car wreck three years ago which resulted in four broken bones in my right ankle and two breaks in my right wrist. (Mobility was a challenge, yes.) Two of the four ankle breaks required surgery and screws to fix them. Last year, I had those screws removed to help with the chronic pain I had in my ankle. (The ankle, having so little fat, doesn't handle hardware well. Nothing to cushion the screws.) My surgeon warned me that, if I had weather-predicting capabilities, I would probably never lose them. I haven't.

I've been aching here the last few days as some similar storms have been in the general area. Anything that causes rapid air pressure changes gives me grief.

I'd prescribe a nice hefty dose of ibuprofen, some sleep, and a few chocolate chip cookies. Or watching my cat fall off the end of the bed (she seriously just did that; she missed out on feline grace when she went back for a second and third helping of attitude).

Feel better soon!