Monday, June 3, 2013

A murder in Syracuse

A recent murder in Syracuse, NY has started something of a furore over the difference between bland, politically-correct police and media reports, and the true facts of the matter.  The basic story is outwardly straightforward.  Two teens have been charged with manslaughter following the death of a bystander whom they (and others in their group) attacked without warning or provocation in a game known as 'Knockout'.  A news report quoting the police may be found here.

A local blogger, Matt Forney, has a much more informative report.  Here's an excerpt.

Here are the facts, for those of you keeping score:

  1. These “teenagers” were black. Whenever a news story fails to mention the race of the perp, it’s because they’re either black or Latino. This attack happened in the South Side, a run-down, primarily black ghetto where convenience store owners have to put bars on their windows to deter theft and the only booming businesses are pawn shops and payday loan sharks. Put two and two together.
  2. The man they killed, Michael Daniels, was white.
  3. These black teenagers were playing Knockout King, a game where you go around finding white people to beat up and put in the hospital. It’s also called “polar bear hunting”, and you can figure out why.
  4. There are literally hundreds of documented cases across the U.S. in the past 5-6 years of black teenagers swarming on hapless white people and putting them in the hospital for kicks, sometimes even killing them. Ex: Carter Strange.

Additionally, as commenters at the Post-Standard pointed out, the story’s author, Ken Sturtz, omitted the graphic details of what these “teenagers” did to Daniels. They didn’t just beat him to death, they popped his eyeball out of its socket and laughed about it.

There's more at the link.  It's worth your time to read the whole thing.

I've written before about the changing urban self-defense environment and the growing need to be able to defend yourself.  These reports from Syracuse are merely the latest in a very long list of them.  The problem of black-on-other-races violence is becoming more and more acute wherever groups of feral, unemployed youth gather in our major cities.  It's not confined to one city, or one state, or one region;  it's nation-wide.

I'm neither interested in nor concerned with whether or not it's politically correct to speak about this.  The facts speak for themselves.  Be warned, and conduct yourselves accordingly.



Toejam said...

Funny how all the "White" liberals try to cover up the fact that black on white crime is exploding.

Now the whites don't even have to go to the ghettos to get assaulted and or murdered.

There are numerous reports of home-invasions and street muggings in substantially middle-class neighborhoods.

It's a sad commentary but heed the warning signs cause it's only going to esculate.

perlhaqr said...

And yet Derbyshire got jumped all over for his version of "The Talk".

It really sucks. I know people of African extraction who are civilised and cultured. So it's genetically possible. And I really hate feeling prejudiced against people due to external characteristics. And it's not like black people have a lock on gangster culture; "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die..." but somehow outlaw country doesn't seem to have the same effect as inner city thug rap.

Then again, I guess I'm not really judging on skin color so much as clothing. I'd talk to a black man in a suit far more readily than a white guy with his pants belted below his buttocks.

I've thought this before, and I hate how it sounds like a conspiracy, but... damn. You'd almost think it was one, with white folks getting rich selling a thug rap culture to black people that has the effect of mostly preventing them from bettering themselves.

Anonymous said...

We truly are becoming Brittish...

There were probably folks standing around 'doing nothing' while this guy gets thugged and murdered.

What doesn't surprise me is that it is listed as 'manslaughter'. It is first degree, premeditated cold-blooded murder.

But then again, I suppose the color of your skin determines the severity of the crime. Why don't the libs just make all crimes committed by the 'people (sic) of color' misdemeanors. That would lower the crime rate and all would be well in the unicorn forest.

Chris said...

And yet, for the "crime" of smoking pot, you are twice as likely to be arrested if you are black. Our government is truly an "anarcho-tyranny", in which certain meaningless laws are enforced without mercy (or intelligence) but the people are either left to fend for themselves against violent thugs or actually arrested for trying to defend themselves.

tweell said...

Ah, but blacks are mainly urban dwellers here in the US. It's much easier to bust someone for drugs in the city than it is in the country. By the time a police car manages to navigate the dirt road to the wacky tobaccy farmhouse, even the most stoned redneck has a decent chance to hide or dump their stash. Privacy and distance are both minimized in the city.

I don't expect those 'flash mobs' and 'polar bear hunters' to play their games in gun-friendly states. A pack of wild dogs will happily go after sheep, but steer clear of Cape buffalo.

Mike_C said...

> I know people of African extraction who are civilised and cultured.

Absolutely. Talking with some African* (as in born there and maintaining citizenship in their nation of origin) friends and colleagues, they're almost universally appalled by "thug" culture and bitterly resent being lumped in with the thugs simply because of their skin color. Even more concerning to them is the difficulty of keeping their kids from drifting or being pushed toward that mess while growing up in the US. It does seem like a conspiracy at times, doesn't it?

RE Johnny Cash and Folsom Prison Blues: the narrator is in prison, and shown to be repentant, or at least suffering for his crime, and accepts responsibility. "Well I know I had it coming, I know I can't be free." I'd say that's a big difference from swaggering glorification of criminality.

* Yeah, in my book there are definitely white Africans. As it happens most of the ones I know are from Cape Town (excellent medical training there), but I'm being sloppy and following the general US tendency to equate "African" with sub-Saharan African, and specifically black African.