Sunday, June 16, 2013

Some amazing maneuvers

The video clip below shows one of the Russian Sukhoi PAK-FA stealth fighter prototypes executing some pretty amazing maneuvers during testing.  We don't have details of the relative speed and direction of the PAK-FA and the chase aircraft from which the maneuvers were filmed, but even without that background information, the sequence is pretty impressive.

According to Flight Global's DEW Line blog, the Russian commentary appears to suggest that the flight control systems are automated to the point they can land the aircraft safely if the pilot becomes disabled.  If so, that'll be an aviation 'first', as far as I'm aware.  If any readers are fluent in Russian, would you please let us know in Comments whether the announcer or newsreader makes that claim, and if possible provide more details?



Toejam said...


Close to the F22 Raptor, but "improved".

Anonymous said...

That self-landing feature may be all that saves the aircraft if the pilot tries that frisbee maneuver carelessly. The pilot is way forward of the center of mass -- how many Gs will be pushing him forward against his harness? (And what kind of magical ductwork keeps the engines running?)

Anonymous said...

are you sure the plane wasn't undergoing flat spin testing?
I'm not certain the chase plane's orientation didn't impart a false impression in the photos.