Sunday, June 16, 2013

Friends, food and fires

Miss D. and I are having a very pleasant and relaxing break in Brigid's company.  We went out yesterday morning to do a little shopping, visiting a dairy farm and creamery (yes, we loaded up with good things to take home with us), then went on to a brew pub for a delicious lunch.  On the way home we noticed a plume of heavy black smoke in the sky, which turned out to be one of the nastier fires of recent years.

Later that afternoon we met up with Tam and Bobby at another brew pub, then came home to a tasty Brigid-cooked supper.  Later in the evening Zercool showed up (with dog) on his way from New York state to Missouri, where he and his wife will be settling.  It was great to meet him in the flesh after several years of corresponding online.  (Barkley was delighted to meet his dog, as well!)

This morning we'll have a leisurely breakfast, then raid a local bookstore before packing up and heading homewards.  It's been an all-too-brief break, but a very welcome one.  I'll try to put up another blog post tonight, once we're home.  Keep us in your prayers for traveling mercies.



Rev. Paul said...

Glad you folks are having a great time!

Jennifer said...

Dang! Our party should have called your party.