Friday, June 28, 2013

In Chattanooga

Miss D. and I arrived safely in Chattanooga on Thursday, only for me to discover that I'd left my CPAP machine at home!  Yours truly had to drive all the way back home, then back here, an additional 5 hours on the road.  I didn't make Miss D. come with me, though - she enjoyed meeting old friends and having supper with them.  Since the mistake was my fault, that was only fair.

Today began with a bang - lots of bangs.  The LibertyCon shoot took place at a range provided by a local nature reserve.  It was much more popular than usual, too:  apparently during the past few conventions, 15-25 shooters would show up, whereas today over 50 thronged the range.  A good time seems to have been had by all.

This evening the convention kicked off officially.  I'll be attending various panels over the next couple of days, and Miss D. will be at others, before we head home on Sunday afternoon.  Blogging will continue to be very light until Sunday evening, although I'll try to look in again tomorrow evening if possible.

Take care, y'all.



LCB said...

I tried and tried and tried to sleep with a CPAP. No matter what I'd end up not getting enough air.

Anonymous said...

To LCB: I used a CPAP to no avail. Finally went to a pulmonary doc. Ended up getting whats called a Auto-Titrating BIPAP machine. Works great.

Rev. Paul said...

BRM, I hope you have the best time EVAH at the Con. Looking forward to the AAR, too.