Sunday, June 30, 2013

An appeal for help

Brigid has posted an appeal for help for another blogger, Kat M., whose abusive husband has left her in a pretty pickle.  She's put up an appeal for contributions on the Indiegogo fundraising platform, to help convert her farm into a viable self-sustaining proposition.  It seems to me to be an entirely worthy cause, so Miss D. and I will be contributing to it.

I've had a lot of exposure to domestic violence issues (I wrote about one such case back in 2008).  It's one of the few sins I regard as almost unforgivable.  For any man to abuse the woman he's promised to love and honor . . . it's just sickening.  Summary execution doesn't seem out of place in some of the cases of which I've learned.  I don't know whether this one is that bad, but it sounds more than bad enough!

Friends, may I appeal to you to please read Brigid's post, then read Kat's post (plus updates she's provided on her blog since then - scroll down to find them), then go and look at the Indiegogo fundraiser?  If you can spare a few dollars, I'd be personally very grateful if you'd help out.  In difficult times like these, made much more difficult by unworthy partners such as Kat's, it behooves all of us to do what we can to help, no matter how little we can spare.  We might need help ourselves one day . . . and it's been my experience that 'what goes around, comes around'.  This seems like a good time to 'do unto others'.




The Great and Powerful Oz said...

In today's society, I no longer care. Women choose violent, dangerous, abusive men over men who would take care of them.

Choices have consequences.

Women demanded equality, so it's up to them to defend themselves now, I'm not willing to lift a finger anymore.

Toejam said...

Sounds like "The Great and Powerful Oz" has had a bad experience.

Having said that I tend to agree with him (or her).

There's a certain "submissive" psychological make-up in some women that needs the over-the-top dominance and there are many men who are deviate enough to fulfil that need.

Two-opposites attract?

It's only when the abuse goes past a certain point that the women realize they've gotten themselves into a situation where submission no longer is just being yelled at or mildly push around.

I've known several of these women in my past. I'm kinda the passive and devoted type. In all cases I've been strung along, played with and finally dumped. I a couple of cases dumped for a physically abusive Neanderthal.

I'm not making excuses or placing blame on anyone, but sometimes, however you make your bed you have to lay in it.

Nashville Beat said...

I can't dispute the truth in the previous comments, but I still kicked in a little help, monetary and spiritual, after reading Kat's post. I saw a lot of domestic abuse cases when I was a patrol officer, and many women could not or would not break the cycle. Kat, on the other hand, shows signs consistent with one who will succeed. Anyway, Brigid has made personal contact with Kat and believes she is worth helping. I trust her instincts . . . and Peter's. I think this time, I am going to let hope triumph over experience.

juvat said...

I've only got one disagreement here. Your sentence "For any man to abuse the woman..." is only half the problem. Change it to "For any person to abuse their spouse..." and I'd be in complete agreement.

Rova said...

Forwarded as best I can.

FrankC said...

What "Nashville Beat" said.