Saturday, June 15, 2013

Arrived safely

Made it safely through the traffic to Brigid's place.  Miss D. and I detoured to the meadery on the way here, and arrived with eight growlers of mead in four different flavors, which was (as always) well received.  I can see we'll have to stock up again on our way home!  They have a new 'seasonal special' mead made with strawberries and rhubarb . . . ambrosial!

Brigid tempted enticed forced us to partake of a delicious Thai meal for supper last night, and we came home via her favorite frozen yoghurt store, so to say we went to bed overstuffed is something of an understatement!  Barkley had his own carton of sugar-free yoghurt to keep him happy . . . strange, I've never seen a dog not only lick the container clean, but then try to eat it as well!  Clearly, frozen yoghurt and enthusiastic Labrador retrievers were made for each other.

As always, my fused spine has woken me after only a few hours of sleep, so I've made a cup of tea and I'm writing this to give y'all something to read.  I'll try to put up another post or two, then see about another hour or two of sleep before the others wake up.



Old NFO said...

Enjoy and say hi to all, the crowd in Texas says hi...

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the back, Peter... Chronic pain... Empathy emanating from the South-land...

Cap'n Jan
Also in Texas

Anonymous said...

One more thing... Does heat help the pain?

I know that 'ice is the thing' for swelling, but chronic pain sometimes is settled by warmth.

Yes, I do have a reason for asking...


Cap'n Jan
Texas Jan