Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Secret restaurant menu items"

That's the title of a photo essay at CNBC.  They list several items that were previously on the menu, or were temporary specials, at various restaurants and takeaway joints.  They're no longer on the menu, but if you ask for them, apparently the staff will still prepare them for you.  I found this one appetizing:

And this appears to be a heart attack looking for a place to happen:

There are many more at the link. Interesting for fast-foodies (if such a category of gourmet exists).



Old NFO said...

Yeah, but don't EVER tell the waitress to have the cook 'surprise' you... sigh

Anonymous said...

The Monster Mac needs more cheese.

DoninSacto said...

8 patties of beef at mcdonalds...thats what about a quarter pound?