Sunday, June 14, 2015

Do empty vessels make the most sound?

I've been quietly amused by the number of SJW's who are trying to dismiss the current brouhaha over Tor as something 'manufactured by troublemakers', individuals who don't have a following and are 'nobodies' making a fuss over nothing.  They take great care to attack 'Puppies' supporters and commenters, often going so far as to attribute emotions and attitudes to them that have no existence whatsoever in reality - but they never address the real issues involved, as I pointed out recently.  It's a very strange, almost surreal attitude to life.

I'm sure many of my readers have seen SJW attacks on Larry Correia, Brad Torgerson, Vox Day and the like.  Even humble little me has come in for his share of them - as, for example, in comments to this article at File 770.  For your entertainment, here are some of them, with links:

I hasten to add that I really am small fry in this debate.  Most of the other dramatis personae in this fight are far better known than I, have published more books than I, and have much wider influence than I.  However, I think I have enough of a platform through this blog and my books that my voice has been heard nonetheless:  and I think my background gives me a unique perspective on this debate that is, perhaps, a closed book to most of the others involved.  I hope I've been able to open its pages to them a little.  The same can be said of R. K. Modena, a.k.a. Shadowdancer, who's expressed her own perspective on this crisis very movingly.  She sums up:

This is why I prefaced this post with a history of who I am, and a rather summarized description of my experiences. I have faced real racism, real discrimination. I have stood OPENLY in support of the Jews, of Israel, for which I have been stalked by someone on the side of the Antis FOR NEARLY SEVEN YEARS AND RECEIVED THREATS AGAINST MY CHILDREN FOR.

Peter Grant has fought against it.

Brad Torgersen goes to fight ISIS / DAESH – against REAL terrorists, REAL religiously motivated hatred, REAL rape culture, REAL KILLINGS OF GAYS.

You who sling mud at us, who question our honor our integrity, our hardships and experiences are doing so FOR THE PETTY REASON OF AN AWARD FOR FICTION.

With Irene Gallo’s original response to the protests of her words, and her subsequent non-apology, it is clear she is unrepentant in her contempt, in her hatred.

The difference between her and my father is, she is ‘sorry’ that ‘we were hurt by her calling us Nazis’, not that she is sorry at all ‘for calling us Nazis.’

. . .

Irene Gallo and her like are not building, they are destroying. They are discriminating against merit, and favoring things extant to merits.

There's much more at the link.  I highly recommend you read her article in full.  It's worth your time.

As for relative influence, let's look at the Alexa rankings of a few of the Web sites involved, listed in descending order of global rank, as of about 9 a.m. this morning (click the image for a slightly larger view):

Yep.  I'm small fry . . . and I don't care.  I have a voice, no matter how small, and I'm going to use it.  If that makes SJW's unhappy, too bad.  So sad.  Live with it.  I don't give a damn about insults or threats from the uninformed and uncaring.  They want to call me and those like me 'neo-Nazis'?  I've faced down real neo-Nazis, and shown my readers here what they were like.  After facing them down, what makes SJW's think they can intimidate me?



Jon LaForce said...

Those of us whom have stood before the mast have little use for the collective SJW crowd. Except perhaps as sandbags in a firefight.
Jon LaForce, Cpl USMC

Unknown said...

I sided with Sad Puppies for three reasons.

1. A lot of the group that posts on the blog Making Light seems like the worst type of intellectual elitists and pretentious posers that I encountered in college as a literature major.

2. I couldn't believe that Rachel Swirsky's story was worthy of an award because it was neither good nor science fiction.

3. Tom Kratman is getting a lot of negative buzz about Big Boys Don't Cry just because it is published by Castlia House. It's a very good story, and it made me feel pity and sympathy for a tank. It deserves a lot more positive press than it is getting.

Shadowdancer Duskstar said...

Thank you for your bravery, Peter Grant. People like you give me hope.

byronfrombyron said...

Yes, you are a small fry in this. In fact, I wouldn't know about you except for links from Vox(and I'm new to the resistance this year, I avoided most SF for about 10). However, your experience is real, against real oppression, and you do know what you're writing about.

Conclusion: Send Tor a thank you letter for the libel and other smearing. They're increasing your readership.

B said...

Keep going Peter.

Chuck-K said...

I knew I liked your books for a reason.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy to see you take a stand on this issue, but I am confused as to why you think referencing left-wing markers--like I fought apartheid, I fight racism--will help you? I don't see how expressing solidarity with a left that clearly hates white men is helpful. I know you don't mean it this way, but it comes off as "please kill me last."

Peter said...

@Jourdan: I don't see them as left-wing markers at all. Oh, sure, the Left would like to take credit for that sort of thing, but I've never been that way inclined.

If you read my articles about those years, you'll see I was motivated by my faith, not politics. Politics wasn't a factor. I suppose in political terms I'm a fiscal conservative, social libertarian and political centrist with right-of-center leanings. Is there a political version of Rubik's Cube?


Synova said...

I was going to say something else but wanted to say to Jourdan... Of course it won't help. The whole point of the kafkatrapping is that even bringing it up, proves the opposite. But the thing about Peter doing so, and Shadowdancer, too... is that sometimes you need to do so because it's not about *them*.

Old Surfer said...

I suspect you punch over your weight because
A. you know what you are talking about.
B. have been in combat.
C. Are armed.

That is enough to make any SJW piss down their leg

Synova said...

If you're small fry, I'm nothing at all.

All of this... but we weren't talking about YOU... well, yes they were.

And the thing of it is, we nobodies are just a little less afraid than we used to be because they're a little less powerful than they used to be. It's not about wanting a Hugo. It's about contemplating so much as a sale. It's about contemplating convention participation. It's about wondering if you'll get a fair shake.

As such, it's super easy to imagine what it's like to be some other minority who expects to get a bum deal, who expects to have to figure out how to pass in order to get a foot in the door. Unfortunately, it seems impossible for the empathy to go the other way... because they can't imagine what it's like to be afraid to object to insults... because they never are.

Whatever Tor does... everyone always *knew* you had to keep your mouth shut and your faith or politics or unseemly opinions on the down-low... which might be an ordinary sort of smart business practice (why piss off more than half of your potential audience?) if it weren't for the "or else" on the end of it that turns it into fear. Now it's simply more clear that what was always common knowledge was fact as well. Don't raise a fuss... the publishing industry is tiny and they *talk* to each other. Don't express opinions different from your editor or they'll ignore you at best and sabotage you at worst.

It kept us hopeful nobodies completely silent this last while. More so than people who weren't nobodies. People who are somebody have more freedom, particularly if they sell well.

Someone thinks this is about Larry.

It's about the nobodies.

Michael Z. Williamson said...


It was largely conservative, plurally Americans who destroyed Nazism and Fascism.

It was Republicans who destroyed slavery.

The left would LIKE for those things to be liberal markers, but they are not.

Instead, the left has the cause of making guns more regulated and expensive, and harder for poor (plurally black) Americans to get for self defense in rough neighborhoods (and actually invoke Cruikshank and Dred Scott to defend it), national socialism, The Parents' Music Resource Center, and the lifetime election of Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd, who, lies aside, never once voted for a black candidate for the judiciary, never acted in a fashion to suggest he thought of blacks as human beings, and was never a "Champion of civil rights." There are other items, but the left certainly has no more credibility regarding freedom and equality than the right, and probably a lot less.

Anonymous said...

Additionally, I see Peter mentioning saving innocents from communist terrorists where he mentions saving them from white supremacists. Opposition to murdering communist terrorists is only a trait of the left when leftists are running for office or funneling money to terrorists.

Bob the Fool

Sean said...

Small fry? Perhaps in comparison to the others on the list, but when you consider just how big the internet is, making 174,714 for US rankings requires that you actually have a pretty significant audience.

Depending upon how close to the wire Tor is operating, you might have enough of an audience to give their bean counters and lawyers fits.

J. Sullivan said...


I've been lurking around Vox Day's place for a couple of years now. I've started commenting there sporadically. His blog led me here. Now I'm a regular reader of your blog and just purchased one of your books. But I digress.

I see an avalanche starting with big boulders and little pebbles. A few of the people over at Vox's place have said that they feel hope for the first time in a long, long time. I agree with them. People are coming out of the woodwork. It seems one of the few things they believe in is this $&@& has to stop.

I'm reminded of C.S. Lewis: "Aslan is on the move."

Shadowdancer Duskstar,

I not only found your essay on your father moving, but I found that it inspired me to write a short story. I have the outline down but I wanted to ask your permission to do so, since it's obviously a very personal thing for you and I wouldn't want to offend you.
I tried to leave a comment and ask at your blog but couldn't get it to work.

Rolf said...

Ah, the little nobody. The speck of sky-water.

The tiny little rain-drop, fragile, shiny, buffeted by the wind.

The nothing, the bit of first mist that they can ignore.

A mere dampness that the overcoat can turn away.

But it might be the first drop falling in Noah's flood, and the deluge headed their way could be downright Biblical.

Hmmm... I wonder... Yes, it must be. I think popcorn must be Old Testament.

John Wright said...

No one is a small fry who speaks the truth with humility. Thank you for many things, sir.

Shadowdancer Duskstar said...

@ James Sullivan

Sure! feel free to email me at rkmodena at affsdiary dot com =)

*grin!* You have no idea how pleased I am to hear that my little essay moved you to write. You've become the first to fulfill one of my dreams as a writer: to inspire others to write as well. Thank you so much.

Jeff Duntemann said...

The big revelation for me in the whole Sad Puppies rumble is how many people are finding one another in what is starting to resemble a sort of alternate virtual fandom. I was reading Sarah Hoyt when the whole thing blew up, and I had heard (vaguely) of Larry Correia, but in short order discovered Brad Torgersen, John C. Wright, Cedar Sanderson, Amanda Green, Tom Knighton, R. K. Modena, and now you. To turn the old saying upside-down, no bad can come of this. I'm actually enjoying fiction again, have new friends, and new hope that SF will not drown in its own bile and vanish.

Persevere. Write more. Illigitimati non carborundum!

Mike_C said...

Re: File 770 (whatever that is) comments.
I was just over on Tom Kratman's site. Looks like you and he now can compare hate comments!
I particularly like the "living as a woman"(?) remark.

@RK Modena - thank you for the wonderful essay about your father.

kamas716 said...

get enough small fry together and you can have a thunderstorm. let it grow some more and soon people take notice.

Tom DeGisi said...

It's helped me reconnect with Jeff Duntemann, who improved my code and my understanding when I was starting out as a programmer.

Thanks, Jeff.