Monday, June 8, 2015

The latest on the Tor scandal

For those who may have missed the story so far, I refer you to my first and second posts on the matter.  If you haven't already read them, please do so before continuing with this one.

Both posts have been picked up, linked and re-posted by a large number of other Web sites and blogs.  Thanks to all of them for their interest.  In particular, Vox Day quoted at length from the second post on his own blog today, and many of his minions readers commented there.  His and their comments are worth reading.  A great many of Vox's readers visited here as well - my average weekday readership has already been surpassed by close on a thousand, and there's still a quarter of the day left to run!  Welcome to all of you, and thanks for stopping by.  Please continue to visit.

Tor seems to be maintaining a deafening silence about the matter, probably hoping it'll go away.  I have news for them.  It won't.  Too many of us have been insulted and denigrated by Tor's representatives for far too long, whether directly or indirectly.  We've had enough.

The only response Tor has so far made in public was a tweet this morning:

(EDITED TO ADD: Ms. Gallo has also offered a 'kinda sorta' apology:

I don't consider it sufficient, because she hasn't retracted her allegations.)

To which both of the above responses, I can only respond in my turn (or, rather, allow the late actor John Vernon to respond on my behalf):


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Tom Doherty speaks:


It seems Tor will do nothing else.