Tuesday, June 23, 2015

He needs to buy a lottery ticket NOW

The Telegraph reports that a motorist in China had a narrow escape.

Last Wednesday, Mr Xiang was driving along the Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway in central China when he noticed a giant circular saw spinning at speed towards his windscreen.

The 5ft cutting blade collided with the car bonnet, ripping through its metal engine as Mr Xiang, whose first name has not been revealed, frantically wrestled the wheel of the swerving vehicle.

Miraculously, the bouncing blade missed the driver, wedging itself 50cm deep into the front of his JMC truck. Mr Xiang defied the odds by walking away from the crash with barely a scratch on him.

There's more at the link, including more photographs.  Apparently several of those blades broke away from a truck coming in the opposite direction.

Speaking just for myself, you understand . . . if I saw that bloody great saw blade come rolling down the road towards me at high speed, constipation would cease to be a problem for the rest of my life!



Old NFO said...

Nah, you'd STILL be constipated from having sucked the seat cushion up... LOL

Anonymous said...

I agree, I'd probably achieve 'a low orbit' if my car had a sun roof . . . :^) Very lucky indeed - it is amazing how many deaths from road debris occur.

m4 said...

And this is why we don't go to Ravenholm anymore...
(cookie for anyone that knows that reference)

Andy said...

Shame it wasn't in Russia, so we could have dash cam footage of the event.