Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ever heard of a 'Burger Dance'?

Mike Williamson was doing a sort of weird dance with his one-year-old daughter tonight - one I'd never heard of.  He promptly introduced Miss D. and I to an Austrian entertainer, DJ Ötzi, and his stage rendition of this utterly ghastly commercial-pop-whatsit.  Do not watch it if you don't want the tune racketing around in your head for hours!

Horrible, isn't it? - but one-year-old girls giggle when Daddy takes their hands in his and has them follow along to the moves.



Grog said...

Ahh, what in Sam Hill did I just watch???

Yeah, I can understand how young girls would giggle at that, good on Mike for doing this. :) I'm going to listen to some Dvorak now to clear my head. ;)

skidmark said...

Thank you. I've sent that earworm to everybody on my "I hate you and one day I'll get even" list.

stay safe.

Eric Wilner said...

I started with a head full of Borodin, which provided some immunity, but... yeah, Dvorak sounds like a good idea. Or... Smetana? So many fine head-clearers to choose from!

Old NFO said...

I'm gonna pass... :-) But good on Mike for doing it!

Paul, Dammit! said...

One internet to skidmark for that comment. I was watching that video on my laptop, and when I looked up, three people were stopped, looking at me with that dog-hearing-strange-noise look.

Arthur Bennett said...

Looks like fun, well I suppose most of the people at the event enjoyed it. It's different.