Sunday, June 28, 2015

Safely home

Miss D. and I arrived home safely this evening, worn out but very glad to have been at LibertyCon.  We met lots of interesting people, made useful new contacts, and probably set up several months worth of work to improve my books and marketing techniques.  All in all, a very successful weekend.

Now it's back to the usual daily round and common task.  In the light of input from professional artists at the Con, one thing I'm going to do right away is start talking to a couple of graphic artists about commissioning covers for my next books.  Two European artists (both of whose work I've used before) appear to offer very good prices for custom cover art (oddly, much better than US artists - don't ask me why).  I think I'm going to order half a dozen to a dozen images and 'bank' them for future use.  I already know several of the plots I'm going to use, so I can tailor the cover pictures to what goes on inside.  That'll be fun.

It's been a very long, often sleep-deprived few days.  Time to hit the sack.  Regular posting will resume in the morning.

Sleep well, y'all.



Old NFO said...

Enjoyed it too! I must have missed the artists you were talking about. I didn't see much that was useful to me. It was great to see y'all though!

Rev. Paul said...

Glad y'all enjoyed it.