Thursday, September 22, 2016

An online interview

Those of you who've enjoyed my books, particularly my first Western, may be interested in a lengthy online interview conducted by Scott Cole for the Castalia House blog.  You'll find it here.

Scott sent me a long list of questions, which I answered by e-mail as best I could.  He then expanded on some of the questions and added a few more, and we went to and fro for a few days fleshing out the interview.  I think the result gives some idea of how much research goes into one of my novels.  They aren't just thumb-sucked out of thin air;  even the science fiction ones are carefully studied, with 'hard science' used whenever possible (although, obviously, some non-scientific elements of space opera are there as well).

Click over to Castalia House's blog to read the whole interview.  I hope you enjoy it.



Rev. Paul said...

That's a fascinating exposition of the research which went into your most excellent book, sir.

STxAR said...

Dad passed in '06. I sure wish he'd made it to read your book. The old west was his favorite subject.

We went to Lincoln county NM for several days when I was in high school. He told us who shot who and where they were located in the actual town. He was an encyclopedia of western information.

Hey, eye on your email. I may have something for you.

Anonymous said...

It's a good interview, and a good book (you had a good editor).