Friday, September 30, 2016

This may be a buying opportunity for 9mm pistols

In January this year Ruger introduced its 'American' 9mm. and .45 pistols, being slightly updated versions of their excellent SR9 and SR45 models.  It's just announced the compact version of the 9mm. American.  Tamara, who had the chance to shoot it extensively before the launch, has interesting things to say about it here.

I have little doubt that the 'American' pistol line will be at least as good as the SR line that preceded it.  I highly recommended the full-size SR9 and 9E pistols, and the compact SR9C model, to my handicapped and disabled students, and did the same in these pages for the latter model;  and the SR45 remains my preferred full-size carry pistol in .45 ACP.  I have a number of the SR models in my gun safe, and won't be replacing them with the new version.  (Why get rid of a perfectly good gun?  That's also why all my Glocks are third-generation guns.  The fourth-generation design didn't offer enough improvement to make it worthwhile to upgrade them.)

However, the launch of the 'American' line may mean that bargains will become available as shops try to move their last stock of the old SR series pistols.  Just because they're last year's model doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them - far from it!  If you're in the market for a full-size or compact pistol, I highly recommend that you keep your eyes open for those models, and do an Internet search from time to time.  (For example, right now, CDNN is offering the Ruger 9E on special at only $289.99.  Tamara said nice things about that model in her review of it.  If I didn't already have more than enough Ruger 9mm.'s, I'd take advantage of that.  No, CDNN isn't paying me or offering me any other consideration to mention it - I just want my readers to know that good deals are out there.)

I'll try to get my hands on one of the Ruger American line to test it, and let you know what I think of it.  Given my very satisfactory experience with the SR series, I'm pretty sure it'll be a worthy successor to them.



lee n. field said...

Is there any sign that the SR series being retired?

Peter said...

@Lee: Not yet, but it's surely only a matter of time.

Contrarian View said...

The Ruger American is a great pistol. It feels naturally good in the hand, shoots straight and reliably, and is easy to take down for maintenance. I have tried both the 9mm and .45 and really liked both.