Monday, September 26, 2016

Ingenious advertising

It seems that Japanese rice farmers working beneath the flight path of F-15 fighters based at Komatsu decided to make the most of the noise.  They christened their hand-packed product 'Roaring Rice'.

Apparently the product proved very popular with military service personnel and their families, and sold out within 20 minutes.  Ingenious advertising indeed!



mostly cajun said...

You mean they didn't picket, shut down the highway, start looting?

they just took their stupid lemon and made lemonade?

Those Orientals are an inscrutable people.


David The Good said...

This is brilliant. A bit of "Agree and Amplify."

genericviews said...

Last I heard, Japan cannot produce enough rice for all its people. Thus every harvest is "sold out" every year even without any advertising. Even if they advertise it as, "soaked in exhaust and jet fuel".

Unknown said...

BUT THAT enhances the flavor and adds strength to it's nutrition.