Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Does anyone need Glock magazines?

As part of my annual magazine checkup, I've found I have a number of Glock magazines that are surplus to my needs.  However, I'm short of some other magazines.  Therefore, I'm going to sell my excess mags, and use the money to buy what I need.

I have the following OEM units, all in good to excellent condition, priced at $15 each (with a 10% discount if you order 3 or more):
  • Three (3) Glock 17 17-round 9mm. magazines, 3rd generation;
  • One (1) Glock 19 10-round 9mm. magazine, 3rd generation;
  • Five (5) Glock 22 15-round .40 magazines, 4th generation;
  • Six (6) Glock 23 10-round .40 magazines, 3rd generation.

All are in good to excellent condition (some are unused).  Postage will be $7 for a Priority Mail flat-rate small box (within the USA), without insurance.  If you buy more magazines than will fit into the box, I'll eat the extra postage costs.

I'll also consider trading my Glock OEM magazines on a three-for-two basis for new third-party magazines for the Glock 19 such as ETS (my preference) or Magpul.  (They're obviously available from other sources besides the link - I just picked the cheapest price for them I could find with a quick search.)

All legal requirements will be observed;  in other words, I won't ship high-capacity magazines to states that forbid their importation, or send them outside the USA.  Sorry, but them's the rules.  I didn't make them, so please don't blame me for them.

(A note about 10-round magazines.  Many shooters simply stock up on the standard-capacity magazines for their firearm, without thinking about travel or relocating.  However, a number of states mandate a 10-round magazine capacity limit.  It's worth having a few in your stash, so that if you have to travel through or visit such states, you can be legal while doing so.  Don't take higher-capacity magazines with you, because it may be a criminal offense to import them into those states.  You don't need a felony conviction on your record!)

If you're interested, you can get in touch with me via e-mail (the address is in my blog profile - click on my name under the heading 'About Me' in the sidebar).  It may take half a day or more before I can respond, so please be patient.  First come, first served.  Thanks!


EDITED TO ADD:  All magazines have been sold, pending funds.


Anonymous said...

I will take all five of the model 22 mags. Just recently bought a keltec sub 2000. How do you want to arrange?
Charles in North Texas

Peter said...

Charles, drop me a line at bayourenaissanceman AT gmail DOT com. We'll take it from there. Thanks.

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

Tell me about it, living in the People's Dem. Rep. of Md..... 10 rnd max, except tube-fed .22's... But I refuse to submit FINGERPRINTS to exercise my Constitutional Right to buy. Hello, 80%!

Anonymous said...

Email sent regarding 9mm mags.

Matt in VA.

Jim said...

As someone living in a free state, I hadn't given the 10 round magazine a thought. You've made a valid point for acquiring some.