Saturday, September 10, 2016

Of jet engines, cars and crosswinds

In a comment to Friday's post about an airport van being sucked into a jet engine intake, reader Al in Ottawa provided the link to a Top Gear video showing what happens when motor vehicles pass too close to the other side of a jet engine.  It's impressive.  Watch it in full-screen mode for best results.

I'm glad I wasn't in either of them . . . or that airport van!



Old NFO said...

Heh, I'd like to see them try that with a Phantom in full burner... :-)

Bob Mueller said...

Here's a clip from 1993 showing what happens to a pickup.

I think Mythbusters did a school bus, too.

Grog said...

Here's a video from Feb 1991 of an A6 mishap.

His helmet got ripped off his head and shut the engine down.

Last Redoubt said...

While you're at it.....

more screwed-up engineering goodness.