Monday, April 24, 2017

How do you defend yourself against this?

I'm sure that by now, most of my readers have seen news reports about a gang of 40-60 'youths' who took over a commuter train in Oakland, California last weekend, and robbed dozens of passengers.  If you haven't, please follow that link to learn more, then come back here.

As I pointed out on two occasions in 2014, even if you successfully defend yourself against such criminal 'flash mob' attacks, you still can't win.  You'll be pilloried by the press, excoriated by politically correct commentators, and in certain parts of the country (e.g. Baltimore, etc.) have to deal with politicians and prosecutors who are first and foremost political creatures, pandering to those who elected them.  Here's a hint:  that wasn't you.  It was the people who form those 'flash mobs' in the first place.

In a situation where you're armed with a typical concealed handgun, usually small and with limited ammunition capacity, you may not be able to prevail against so many attackers anyway - particularly if some of them are armed as well.  Even if you succeed, you run the risk that some of your bullets may miss their intended target, or over-penetrate it, and strike innocent bystanders.  Finally, there's the aftermath to consider.  It may be better, no matter how unpalatable, to hide your handgun and submit to robbery, rather than fight back - even if that grates with the macho element among us.

In March 2014, referring to criminal attacks in Louisville, KY, I pointed out:

What's worse is, even if you're aware of the potential danger and have armed yourself as a precaution against it, this is a fight you simply can't win. If you survive and prevail on the street, you'll be crucified in the court of public opinion - and you can bet that race-baiting agitators would make sure you'll be prosecuted for defending yourself, too. Just imagine the sensation-seeking newspaper headlines by liberal or progressive reporters and editors, who will try to obscure the truth of what happened:

     "Panicked bystander turns gun on teenage boys"
     "Children massacred in tourist mecca"
     "Man guns down youths in crowded plaza"

Like I said . . . you can't win, even if you survive. Note what happened to the old man who defended himself with a knife when attacked in Louisville (described in the linked article above - the incident which appears to have sparked last weekend's violence). The police immediately arrested and jailed him. The grand jury no-billed him when they saw the security video, and he's since been released . . . but until that happened, he was locked up among all sorts of criminals and gang-bangers. Now imagine yourself in his shoes. You've successfully defended yourself against a criminal flash mob. Now you're locked up among thugs and criminals who probably knew some of those you've just shot, and who are likely to be looking to avenge them. Are you sure you'll survive long enough to be exonerated? I'm not! The cops are highly unlikely to give you a secure cell to yourself. You'll be on your own, surrounded by those who, at best, have no reason to love you. Good luck, friend . . . you're going to need it!

There's more at the link.

Public transport is likely to become more and more infested by such vermin, particularly because the authorities are all too often reluctant to offend potential voters on whose support they rely for their well-paid positions.  In some cities, notably Chicago but including others too, gangs openly barter their support and ability to get out the vote in exchange for political favors.

We have to ask ourselves;  is it worthwhile becoming the next Bernhard Goetz?  Is it worthwhile becoming the next George Zimmerman?  If we defend ourselves using lethal force against an attack such as that on the train in Oakland . . . we're probably going to find out the hard way.

My take on the problem:  don't use public transport unless you have no other choice - and if that's the case, be hyper-alert for trouble, and ready to remove yourself from the scene of conflict if at all possible.  Don't let the scum of society suck you into the morass of politically correct retaliation.



B said...

And if you are driving, get a pushbar/cattle bar/brushguard/GrilleGuard for the front of your vehicle to protect the radiator.

You might need it soo to escape the Mob.

B said...

Soon...(Odd that the spellcheck didn't catch that)

Anonymous said...

As I have said more than once on this site: get out and stay out of cities.
Speaking of being pilloried, I may for the next statement, but it can easily be supported with reams of data from the DoJ.

Any locale that has a high concentration of the "teen" (the current trend word used by the media to obfuscate the reality) demographic will eventually prove dangerous, either to live in or visit.

Think of it in similar fashion to nuclear fission. A certain amount of fissionable material distributed sparsely is not problematic. Take that same amount and concentrate it and it can rapidly meet and surpass critical mass. When it does you achieve a self-initiated and continuous chain reaction. In a reactor, the reaction is controlled by absorbing sub-atomic particles with graphite, slowing down or stopping the reaction.

The same is also true of the "teens". Once they achieve critical mass, the chain reaction invariably occurs. The disapproval of society, law, and the enforcement thereof used to be the "control rod". Society is not allowed to disapprove; by doing so one is labeled a racist. The power of the Law has been neutralized by lawless judges. The police have been taught that if they do their job they will lose their liberty and livelihood. The control rods are gone.

All you can now do is avoid wherever there exists a critical mass.

Anonymous said...

I concur.

Very few of us would willingly enter a dead-end alley in a sketchy neighborhood during the dark of night, but other than the electric lighting that's pretty much what a subway car is. On surface street buses there's always on option, however difficult it may be, to kick out a window and escape. Maybe.

Assuming, of course, one has prepared for that occurrence, which includes proper attire for emergency evac, plus, perhaps, a few other necessities.

This whole thing will be interesting to watch (from a distance, of course) as it develops. No matter the activity, there's always a tipping point, and I suspect it's being approached in some jurisdictions; what happens after the tipping point is reached will be even more interesting.


Snowdog said...

there really isn't anything you can do-except not be there in the first place. We're stuck in the StLouis area for the forseeable future, though at least the area we live in is one of the better suburbs-but I never like to go into the city for any reason other than work. If we do go we're armed and stay away from the Metrolink. Also, treat it like the city is full of vampires. Nothing good happens in St Louis after sundown.

Anonymous said...

Not sure you can defend yourself. Either way, you become a victim like you stated. One way might be defending your wife / young children against them. An other might be recording their actions on cell phone - that 'philosophy professor' (do they teach this in college ?) got outed and the snowflakes are freaking that the authorities were able to piece it altogether so quickly. The threat of getting outed themselves might cool them down.

Opinion is free speech, but assaults are hate crime. Nobody has the right to start a physical fight with a stranger who has done nothing to them. Nobody.

Anonymous said...

There is no winning. There is surviving to go home to your loved ones.
You can pray the young bastards won't take your life or the life of a friend but that can change in the blink of an eye.

I'll deal with the aftermath when I need to. Do what's important at the time and don't get tangled up with the "what ifs".


Billll said...

The problem is addressed, among others, in the antiplanner blog

You park your car in an area plainly marked Park-n-ride where the "yoot" come to shop for radios and other valuables, then get on the same bus or trolley that they're riding on to go to their neighborhoods to do your business, then ride back again to see what's left of your car.

This gives city planners job security as they struggle to figure out why no one wants to ride the public transit.

Uncle Lar said...

Video suppressed because the attackers were minors.
Or was it because they were obviously of a certain ethnic type and we cannot be judgmental about such things can we?
I will speculate that such attacks will never be popular or repeated in the South outside of a few major cities. Everywhere else such yoots shall receive extreme trauma to center mass.
Confirms my practice of first of all avoiding such transportation, and if necessary having a stout walking stick and a couple of street legal knives about my person.
I think it was the author Don Hamilton who noted that in a gang attack a single defender with a knife had a real advantage. Get into a corner to protect your back and just slash away at whatever comes at you.

JPD said...

Must disagree. In my particular situation. In my 60's, kids grown, financially secure.

Will not, would not submit. In that situation, if threatened, would take as many out as possible. Why? This behavior is multiplying, worldwide. This has become a major threat to society. Basically, we are at war. It is simple. By eliminating just one, that is one that will NOT attack another innocent person.

I will not seek this out. But, if confronted, I will take action. Plus, face the consequences of my actions. Oh yeah, I do carry insurance. Plus I have a lawyer.

be603 said...

Bernie Goetz paid a huge price but was IMHO a major turning point in the zietgeist. A whole lot of us started paying attention to RKBA in a new and serious way from that point forward. It may well be he catalyzed the moves to CCW in the early states like FL that adopted it.

While it may personally be a losing proposition, all it takes is one outnumbered man to "lose" while dropping some of the goblins to change the game up for all of us. Future goblins will reconsider the costs of their mayhem.

Anonymous said...

Hit two or three and ask the next to come forward. Not gonna happen. They scatter like vermin.

Anonymous said...

Freaking Amish again. It's always the Amish. Can't stick to waylaying pedestrians and flashmobbing 7-11s and shopping malls now they've taken up full on train robbery. Probably all hopped raw milk and fry pies.

0007 said...

There's sometimes a good reason to carry a revolver rather than a pistol - to wit - no empties left on the ground. And anon is correct, drop one or two, or two or three and the rest will scatter like the cockroaches(and that's bad-mouthing cockroaches) they are.