Sunday, January 5, 2020

Sunday morning music

Here's something rather different from our usual Sunday morning fare.  Two years ago today, in 2018, I put up a dialog from a Dungeons & Dragons game by Daddy Warpig.  It made me laugh, and amused a lot of my readers as well.

I came across that post the other day, and laughed all over again.  It started me wondering . . . how much music is out there that was inspired by D&D?  A quick search on YouTube revealed dozens of songs, but most of them were very amateurish and not particularly funny.  One, however, caught my eye - this one.

This is for all the Dungeon Masters who've ever had to coax, cajole or cudgel players into line!



Silent Draco said...

Chuckles - old memories. This is also the team leader's lament:

"I'm a herder of cats,
Resolver of spats,
Clean up the floor when a project splats."

Philip Sells said...

I wish some of my D&D games decades ago had had a moment remotely comparable to that one.