Tuesday, January 21, 2020

When birth certificates become a public safety issue

The law of unintended consequences appears to have struck again, this time in Colorado, where anyone can apply to have their birth certificate amended to change the record of their biological sex at birth.

If governmental policy allows IDs to contain false, misleading, confusing, or unverified information, a chain reaction of adverse societal consequences will result. Those formerly comfortable in relying on the information disclosed in IDs will be compelled to undertake their own costly, time-consuming, and difficult investigations in order to verify the true nature of the person presenting an ID.

. . .

Inability to rely on the accuracy of the ID information will be of serious, if not critical, concern to most of the population.  Examples of those adversely affected by government identification of males as females (and vice versa) are:

1.  Parents when vetting potential playmates for their children and when vetting the parents and siblings of proposed playmates.  Most parents would not consent for a teen daughter to go overnight camping with a teen transgirl.  Parents understand the adverse medical, social, and economic risks and consequences and the social contagion and indoctrination attending the transgender lifestyle.

2.  Parents when vetting potential babysitters and companions for their children and when vetting parents of such babysitters and companions.  Most parents would not consent for a teen transgirl to babysit a daughter nor permit their daughter to spend time at the home of a transgirl.

. . .

4.  Employers (especially medical providers) who desire to confirm the biological sex of prospective employees (when such is a legally permitted qualification).  A female patient requested a female nurse for an intimate procedure and was summoned by an “obviously male” staffer with stubble and tattoos, who claimed, “My gender is not male. I’m a transsexual.” The woman declined the procedure.

5.  Persons, for whatever reason, seeking relationships only with persons of the same biological sex or only with persons of the opposite biological sex, i.e., a male desiring to date and marry a female who can bear him a child.

6.  Persons considering intimate involvement wanting to know the biological sex of the sexual partner because of the extraordinarily high risk of HIV infection attending the transgender lifestyle.

There's more at the link.

It's time this pandering to transsexuals was stopped in its tracks.  They have the undoubted right to conduct their private lives as they please, just as you or I do.  However, when it comes to deliberate, officially sanctioned public deception, that's another matter entirely.  If I had a child who was placed in any of the situations outlined above, I'd be incensed (to put it mildly).  It's simply not acceptable, not legitimate, and neither ethically nor morally correct.  Disclosure of the facts is basic to trust.  If such facts aren't disclosed, and later come to light, trust is destroyed - not to mention the other potential consequences of such deception.

One hopes the people of Colorado will do something to overturn this insanely inappropriate and potentially dangerous policy.



Tracy Coyle said...

I can't speak to any other state than Illinois - it requires proof of surgery before changing a birth certificate. And CA requires the birth certificate to verify both citzenship, gender, age and 'name' before issuing a drivers license TO AMERICAN CITIZENS...no such requirement for illegals.

So, I did have general ID with F designation during RLT (this was back in late 80s and early 90s), but I could get my birth certificate changed in the last decade (despite surgery back in 1993).

Changes that allow document change 'by declaration' is a nightmare and I hope we get away from it sooner rather than later when lots of people might get hurt.

Remember, despite the current 'trans-trender' movement, trans people are a VERY small minority.

Anonymous said...

Our ambulance run forms (called a PCR) are all electronic thanks to ObummerCare. There are only two choices for gender, Male or Female, and it is up to my observations as an EMT to check the appropriate box. I do not need to inspect the patient's genitals (unless they are injured down there) or see a birth certificate. I am waiting for the day that all blows up. A slip-n-fall lawyer subpoenas one of our PCRs for a client that is a tranny, and they read the entire thing, and then sue everyone involved for improper pronoun usage.

Eck! said...

Based on study most states require proof of surgery of the appropriate
type to get the M or F changed. As in submitting a surgeons record
of actual procedures performed and how.

I repeat for clarity if you have not gotten surgery you are other (T)
in those states. That requires understanding.

NOTE: anyone can petition the courts to get a name change and also
have that change recorded on the BC, passport, and licenses as valid.
That also implies banks, employers, SSA, IRS, Credit, and For the
life of me I can't think of why anyone would do that for "fun".

That means post-operative people of either sex are in medical case where
apparent sex and treatment are aligned. Its important to not BS doctors
in any case but the treatment is not misaligned with external sex post
surgery. Its not genetic its related to hormonal interactions.

The problem is for the intermediate in-transistion stage is a stage
most centers require real life test to make sure its not some
sexual or identity disorder or fantasy. That and they can deal
with the physical and social changes. That intermediate time has
safety issues that should not be taken lightly and a mismatched
name on a license is a hazard, impact employment, and many other

As to those that present as trans with beards (Male to female) or
visibly feminine (supposed to be male) and other mis-features
there are often reasons like costs, need to work, time it takes to
rid undesired hair, possible plastic surgery to correct "defects".
However that is both two way, IE in-transition has to work for
everyone. Typical for that is 1-3 years, if medial costs are an
issue it can be longer term. The key for either case is they are
actively in therapy and based on reading that means with hormones
As required to move their body to the appropriate sex. Without
either its a personal thing and best to not pretend. The issue
here is due to prejudice and bias those in the "middle" into sex
work and sex trafficking (as those abused).

I have known women, genetic, due to heredity or disease process
have a facial hair they have to shave or otherwise suppress that
costs them daily as they get treated like trannies or worse. They
don't want to be men or pretend to be.

Do not confuse transvestism, or social drag, with transsexual.
They are very different things.

The other half is the general hostility. I've witnessed it.
You (collective) are still not allowed to hurt others when no
or its not comfortable for me is more appropriate. So some of
the reaction is likely valid and some is total emotional nuttiness.

In the end we as a people have to be protective of those
that are not out to abuse us.


Old NFO said...

Sad state of affairs...

Tracy Coyle said...

Thank you Eck! for a good run down on the process.

Back in the 80s, using a public restroom was a NIGHTMARE scenario for me. I've been called out of BOTH a mens and a womans restroom while in transition. For the most the 'authorities' were very polite - they were responding to one or two people complaining. To this day I tend to avoid public restrooms if I can.

Transition sucks: learning things that others dealt with in their teens in relatively safe environments and not being given a ounce of slack by the general public for any miscues. It happens a bunch in the first year but usually, 24/7 sorts things out for those otherwise stable. For those dealing with significant other issues, it takes longer and is harder.

Blaire White just posted a video with someone de-transitioning. It's worth viewing and I agree with the comments in the video.

I don't want to bother people, I don't want to be bothered by people. I do not want to 'force' people to accept me - but they need to respect personal choice. If you think it is disgusting what I did, fine. No need to get in my face about it. (Everyone here, and on other blogs have been consistently polite and respectful)

Thanks for letting me comment.

Aesop said...

Ah, Peter,

There you go again, talking like common sense is common, and biology and science proved something.

How reactionary and so-last-millennium of you.

Next you'll be appealing to DNA like it wasn't modern day astrology or something, when everyone knows sex can be changed with one flick of a magic wand (or a clerk's keystroke) and wishing it were so, while ignoring the silly pronunciations of one pair of stupid chromosomes.

I mean, seriously, who should we believe:
a single letter on a driver's license, or a measly 37,200,000,000,000 cells in the human body?
Amirite, or what??

 Ashley said...

Aesop: You are trolling. The girls above gave a perfectly reasonable explanation that I know as a former health care professional to be true.

Most of the Alt-right propaganda is driven by Russian intelligence, see this link for the details.


Eck! said...

A postscript to earlier.

The the stuff posted is an appeal to emotions and as a story teller your should be able to apply critical thinking and see the facilities.

The first 3 items make Transpeople seem to be everywhere and in large numbers. Untrue, The experts seem to think its rare as in 1:5000
for both sexes. Yes, there are female to male and male to female.

So in a state with say 10,000,000 people that might mean there are 2000 maybe even 3000 transpeople of all ages. That means the likely hod of a transkid in the neighborhood or school is pretty thin. But if you want inaction you have to appeal to emotions rather than facts. Note transsvestism is typically 1:100 in men alone.

Item 4, Fist since we know this is an appeal to emotions as a women having a man perform procedures is nominally common. I like my gynocologist, hes very knowlegable. So from a critical standpoint I have to do this yell CITE. By that is that case described even true, is it made up? IF real wheee and when and all the details, the truth.

Lifestyle, the most common transmission vector for HIV is drug users (all sexes, straight, and not, then straight males seeking sex partners. So more synthetic blame on a very small group.

As to parenting and marriage that my good man does require truth and all of it and to people outside those two people, Mind your business
as its not yours to mind. Comments on reproduction are stereotypes,
misogyny, and religious bias. Again that the problem of the two
and none of their neighbors or you (collective).

"One hopes the people of Colorado will do something to overturn this insanely inappropriate and potentially dangerous policy."

Of course not doing that makes those few thousand subject to ridicule, possible abuse, or outright persecution. And your ok with that? Based on reading here for years I don't think so. The basis of the decision to not grant is to deny people the exact same rights and protections you worked hard to achieve.

So you may be slightly burned by someone else hit piece. Why,
its about something you agree with, your bias. I dearly hope you don't ever have a dog in the fight ever.

That said I'd agree if no surgery, no BC change. License and other papers its needed. The problem is bad laws be crafted by ignorant people and that can be corrected by education. Its not deception but getting though a process.


Aesop said...


No, I'm not. But apparently you neither visit here often, nor grasp satire.

And as a current health care professional, I know there are only two sexes, and humans don't migrate from one to the other.

Thanks for playing, and we have some lovely parting gifts for you.


Tracy Coyle said...


I got the satire, and I appreciate satire. Like art, I have a perspective that defines what I think is done well. Yours, not so much. But that is my opinion.

As to the points "...there are only two sexes, and humans don't migrate from one to the other."

I agree with the former, have a qualifier for the later: My genes mark me as male as I was born, and will die as. However, neither YOU, nor the health community at large (generally and in the specific of transsexualism) KNOW that is the defining characteristic. Secondary characteristics and hormonal sensitivity are likely both confirming and CONTRARY indicators.

For me, transition - ie migrating from one gender to the other - created congruence within me. My exterior (the part you and I have to deal with every day) now matches my ID (not identification, but the component of ego...how I perceive me). Fortunately, I brought sufficient mental capabilities to the process and I had a loving family. And by being able to control my behavior better than the average kid, kept myself, mostly, out of the way of society's non-satirical components..

So, transition is one part for us, and one part for you. Learn. And work on your satire because your day job is what keeps you fed.


Philip Sells said...

Would there be potential implications of these changes to birth certificates for other documents and things on which those depend, e.g. passport applications? That would concern me.

Tracy Coyle said...

MY opinion: as long as changes to the birth certificate (specifically sex) were made post-confirmation of completion of surgery, I don't see any issues.

Could that still be falsified? Sure, any document can be. But it is a reasonable approach.

Unknown said...

You're assuming that this is unintentional.

I see no evidence that this assumption is correct.