Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Lessons learned

Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper has an interesting article titled "Here’s What 75 Preppers Learned During the Lockdown".  She writes:

The lockdown that recently took place due to the pandemic was like a practice run for a bigger SHTF event. Many of our prepper theories played out and were accurate, while others weren’t as realistic as we thought beforehand.

People who weren’t preppers already learned a lot about why they would want to be better prepared in the future, but they weren’t the only ones who learned lessons. These preppers took a moment to answer questions about the lessons they learned during the lockdown.

Some of the lessons seem obvious.  Others are less so.  For example:

  • Baby items. We have a brand-new great grandchild born on the 4th and an 8-month-old granddaughter. I have always kept some things for when they are here, or the kids need help. We learned when it first hit that formula and diapers go quick.
  • Never assume that your job is safe. I’m a L&D nurse at a busy hospital. BUT, I’m per diem, April 8th I was sent home early and have not worked regularly since then. I just now found a travel nurse assignment that fits. I’ll be working both jobs for the time being. My hospital definitely puts profit over patient safety.
  • Glasses. Always get your eye exam on time so that you aren’t facing an uncertain future using an outdated prescription. (I still need to get mine updated!)
  • I found holes in personal items. My husband and I both were essential so we didn’t get to lock-down but we limited unnecessary travel/trips to the store in the beginning. I found that I had been so busy making sure we had plenty of water, food and tp. I didn’t realize I didn’t stock up on shampoo, soap etc. I have since made sure we have a year’s supply of personal toiletry items.

There's much more at the link.  Useful reading.



Old NFO said...

Good points, and yes, there are always holes in prep... For any number of reasons.

Orvan Taurus said...

Alas, I have YET to convince $HOUSEMATE that Just-In-Time tp replenishment is a Bad Idea. At a MINIMUM, I want the in-use pack, the next pack, and the emergency backup pack. Ideally, more.