Thursday, July 23, 2020

This is why President Trump has blocked illegal aliens from Congressional apportionment

I'm sure most readers are aware that President Trump has signed a presidential memorandum preventing the counting of illegal aliens in the apportionment of Congressional districts.  Gun Free Zone explains why this is a big deal.

There are roughly 22 million illegals in the US.   The average Congressional seat represents roughly 700,000 people.

That means it would be possible to have 31 Members of Congress who do not represent a single US citizen or lawful resident alien as a constituent.  That’s more seats than New York or Florida and almost as many as Texas.

The news has been filled with stories of law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of California and New York moving to Texas, Florida, Utah, Idaho, and other states.

But if we start to add in illegal immigrants, suddenly California could gain seats, and since we are limited to 435 seats, that means that Middle America will lose seats.

That is the whole point, of course.  Take seats away from Red states and give them to the urban sprawl of NYC and California to fill with Leftist place holders like AOC.

There's more at the link.

That makes perfect sense to me.  As far as I'm concerned, illegal aliens have zero right to representation in the US legislature.  I remain of the opinion that all illegal aliens should be deported, and only readmitted if there is work for them and they come through legal channels.  Yes, by all means establish a better, legal "guest worker program", for want of a better description, if it's needed.  However, anyone coming here illegally has already demonstrated his or her contempt for US law.  That's not the sort of person we want here.  Period.



McChuck said...

Illegal aliens are literally Indians Not Taxed.

McChuck said...

Brief correction - there are between 30 and 40 million illegal alien invaders occupying our country.

The "11" million figure has been used since the early 1990's. 22 million is a good try, but we're way, way beyond that. They are everywhere now.

Stan_qaz said...

Coming her illegally should result in a bar to any future attempt to enter the US legally.

Beans said...

This is why the citizenry question on the Census was so important. And enforcing the correct answer to said question.

But we lost that one, big time, with the 2020 census.

Doesn't matter, illegals now have equal rights as citizens, according to many federal judges.

Philip Sells said...

How about we just split the difference and just count three out of every five? Sounds like a reasonable compromise to me. We used to do something like that, didn't we? Oh, that's right....

Beans said...

Stan: Why not? Every other country I know of, including Mexico, treats illegal entry as a permanent no-go for citizenry. Okay, I'll allow it. First pay a $100,000.00 fine and pay back all public services and monies received before entering the legal pipeline.

Philip: At least those original 3/5ths people were here legally under the current laws of the times.

Alanatswbell said...

But if they deport all those Democratic voters what will happen to the Democratic Party?

Tirno said...

A census is required to be done once per ten years, but the Constitution does not specify how.

We could save ourselves a lot of effort if we combined the income tax filings (you know, with the SSNs and TINs off all the citizens and legal residents, including dependents listed along with their legal names as well as the present physical address). Those not required to file income taxes would have to fill this one out once per decade.

From the returns, run a filter through the SSA's database of SSNs to legal names, and put all mismatches into a set for followup by physical visit. Run the matching set through another pass to identify deceased individuals. What's left is the count of individuals in the USA, geolocated.

When time for redistricting, run that geolocation database through an algorithm to draw the lines with the smallest total length-weight. By 'length-weight', lines along impassible physical barriers have a weight a 1 per meter, lines along existing geopolitical lines (city borders, county borders) have weight of 5 per meter, lines along existing roads are 10, and arbitrary lines have a length-weight of 40. Get five outputs for the legislatures to vote upon by down-selection.