Monday, May 26, 2008

A call for comment, please

I'm grateful that many readers keep coming back to this blog. In the less than five months I've been blogging, visits are up to almost 80,000 already, which is very flattering.

However, I'm a little puzzled by the lack of feedback in comments to my posts. Very few of you seem to want to say anything. I guess that means either that I'm not posting stuff that's interesting to you, or that you just don't see the need to comment.

I'd like to make this blog as good (and as popular) as it can be, so I'm asking for your comments to this post. What do you like about this blog? What don't you like, and would like to see changed? In particular, how do you like regular articles such as my 'Weekend Wings' series? Are they of interest to you, or just boring?

Please let me know how you feel. I'll try to respond to your comments, and improve the blog where necessary.

Many thanks.



The Old Man said...

OK. I already give ya "linky love", so here's a comment. Understand, I can't type over 12 wpm so I don't comment much or post often.

But I read ya!

Anonymous said...

You aren't really controversial, Peter. People are just reading your stuff and taking it as it is.
By the way, Jim Bowie is supposed to have made his first Bowie knife from a meteorite.

Sevesteen said...

My first experience with the internet was Usenet, where "me too" is discouraged. I tend to avoid commenting unless I've got something to add. I also not entirely comfortable disagreeing with someone on their own blog--I'll do it at times, but often I'll just hold my tongue.

I like your Weekend Wings series especially--It usually sends me off roaming Wikipedia for an hour or so. Thank heavens for tabbed browsing...

Fire Fox said...

I've commented here before, but like anon said... your blog is not really controversial, it is educational! (good variety of subjects and very interesting). Perhaps you might respond to (aknowledge)the comments.... sometimes that will encourage people to leave a note? Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to show you care about your readers!

Castr8r said...

Don't quit now! I don't comment very often, and I do enjoy your blogging. I enjoy the "Weekend Wings" series- where do you come up with this stuff? I had never heard of the England to Australia air race until you posted, and I thought I was fairly well versed in history...DUH!
Your one of the few I read daily; keep up the good work! And Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Eclectic and interesting. Thanks for sharing your view of the world- past, present and future.

Peter said...

Thanks to all who've commented so far. It's nice to know that you're enjoying the blog. If you think there are things that could be improved, please say so too!

I'm glad 'Weekend Wings' is popular. It's a labor of love for me, being an aviation enthusiast, and it's nice to know others find it useful

Anonymous said...


Hi there. I've been reading your blog since LawDog posted to it (and your THR posts for a long time before that), but I don't think I've ever left a comment before this one. I just like to read what you write (well, most of it, anyway--my eyes kind of skip over the weekend wings posts =D).

Personally, and I'm *only* saying this because you asked for suggestiong, I'd like to see you talk about your religious views every once in a while. I can't remember which post exactly it was, but a while ago you ended a post by noting that you had more to say, but you didn't want to offend anyone because of your religious beliefs, so you didn't say anything. Speaking as someone who doesn't share the same beliefs you have, I still feel like I missed out on a good story or some intelligent comments because you censored yourself like that.

I mean, sure, some people won't like it, but they can do what I do when I see a Weekend Wings post :)

And my only other suggestion would be to hurry up and finish your book so I can read all of your prison stories, South Africa stories, and anything else you've got saved up for us.

I hope you had a relaxing Memorial Day,


BCFD36 said...

I've got to go along with Sevesteen. I don't "me too" (except with this message of course) but in this case it think it needs to be said again. If I have something to ADD, I will say something. Something interesting.

As others said, you don't stir up controversy. And I don't usually post to contradict someone.

I like the Weekend Wings. I like your stuff in general. You write well, have interesting topics, and aren't an asshole. If you ask for opinions, I may give you one. And I may not if I feel that I don't have anything intelligent to say.

Keep up the good work.

D. Scruggs

. said...

Your blog is great the way it is. You discuss such a variety of topics, I am always curious as to what next is to come. I save Weekend Wings for when time is plentiful. The entries are very informative with excellent pictures. Any time I see the little green grinning emoticon, I know I am in for a treat.

Evil Lunch Lady said...

I like your blog also, I don't comment much, because my comments would be silly most times.

You are also linked from mine:)

Bryn, North Wales, UK said...

I have to agree with sevesteen & bcfd36 in previous comments, and with the positive notes left by others.
I visit here on a daily basis, and usually find something of interest or amusement. I rarely comment because you cover your subject so comprehensively!
Thank for writing as you do, please don't stop.

Rico said...

Hey, I try and comment when I have something cogent to say. Keep up the good work. And 80,000 readers in only five months? Geez, I only have 10,000 in just over two years...

Murphy said...

You have a variety of quite interesting posts. It's not that they're not worthy of comment, it's just that I.. heh, if I'm not careful, I'll lurk on my own blog, let alone everyone elses...

mostly cajun said...

Doggone, man!

You're linked on my blog. I visit here daily.

I figure that I have only a small number of words that will get out of my head onto somebody's screen each day, and I tend to put most of them on my own blog.

But I read yours daily.

JPG said...

Hi, Peter.

You have good reason to know that I'm a very appreciative reader. Every so often, I am reminded of what the term, Renaissance Man indicates. Your interests are so varied and your breadth of knowledge so vast that it's not surprising that you write on a few topics not of particular interest to me. Even so, I usually at least scan such entries, and frequently find you've captured my attention and expanded my own horizons.

As a moderator of a couple of on-line forums, I am impatient with those who make no contribution other than, +1, ME TOO, or What he said.

I particularly like your writings on various aspects of aviation. Having been an enthusiast since childhood, I only THOUGHT I was well versed in this area. Even when I see you're writing on something aeronautical with which I'm well familiar, I ALWAYS read something new to me. Your in-text links are especially useful, and like sevensteen, I am thereby inspired to more and wider research.

You plainly work so hard at your writing that it is almost intimidating and presumptious to offer any comment. Your work is truly impressive, Peter, and it is a pleasure to read it.


HollyB said...

except for the bits about loving Wkend Wings, what all these other folks have said.
I have a near phobia about flying, so any writing on that subject leaves me flat. Usually. Scully's blog, before it got hacked, was the lone exception. But she was writing from a pilot's perspective.

The Personal stories are my favorites, as oppossed to news stories that have caught your interest.

Oh, and pls nix the word verification...I HATE that!!! said...

Here daily since LD pointed the way early on, I do a "me too" only when I just can't help it, but not usually. Lots of variety and on a good level, not much for me to add, so I'm glad you asked.

I don't add much value, but you need to know that I'm another who adds to your list of folks who read, digest, and come back for more.

TM said...

I like your blog and I have commented on occasion. But...I'm not a blogger. I work at a keyboard all day and I can read blogs during break, but I just don't have time for a lot if writing.

I do pass links to your blog to several e-mail lists that I inhabit on occasion. I do appreciate your insight and views and pass those to others who have similar viewpoints.

Anonymous said...


I read your blog at least once a day, and have found that not only do we agree on most things, we share similar interests...

Are you going to Oshkosh this year? I'll be at the 'Women Fly' encampment around row 20 or so... look for the big tent kitchen right at the taxi line.... (in GA camping). I'm the cook.


Ambulance Driver said...

JPG wrote:

"Every so often, I am reminded of what the term, Renaissance Man indicates."

My thoughts exactly. I don't comment often, because most of my comments would be a long the lines of "me too."

But I read faithfully.

Scott H. said...

Great blog. The silent masses read and enjoy. I think I found your site via a link at Dr. Pournelle's Chaos Manor. I've found more blogs through yours that I've been reading as well, and yes, keep up the weekend wings and the excellent variety!

Nyx said...

You started your blog at a time when keeping up with blogs hasn't been so easy for me, but I immediately bookmarked you because I got here through LawDog's blog. If he says you're worth reading, that's good enough for me. I check in when I can, and I'm sure I'll start commenting now and again at point. As long as you know someone is reading, don't stop writing for lack of comments. Or just write because you want to, even if no one reads it. The only times I've ever gotten above ten visits or so a day is when I've had a post someone with a lot of readers linked to, and I've been writing a blog for several years.

Anonymous said...

Doing a good job, made it over via "Better and Better," Matt's blog. Keep up the good work!

Steve said...


I REALLY enjoy readingyour blog, but rarely comment. I THINK the reason for this is that I read your blog as a "textbook". Your blog teaches and informs me. I do not see it as a "social" blog, that is why I do not comment.

I see the format of this blog fitting what I am looking for - information to soak into brain and expand my knowledge and world, and also cool stuff I can (and have) shared with my friends.

In my opinion, if you want comments and discussion, you need to bhave a blog that is more (hot) topic oriented. That would be fine too, because I enjoy your writing style.

Weekend wings is a fine series. If you are to tweak it to your audience, I woudl suggest condensing the history.

Thank you for helping me learn and grow!!

Aaron said...

More of a lurker, not really a commenter. Enjoy the Weekend Wings.

Anonymous said...

Une of the first places I visit when I turn my 'puter on.

fuzzys dad said...

I enjoy your blog very much.
I just do not comment often.
I guess I should.

Peter said...

Whew! I asked for comments, and I got them! Thank you all very much. Let me try to respond to a few.

Anon - yes, I'll try to post things concerning my religious and moral views from time to time. I did so tonight, concerning the death penalty, although those views aren't so much religious as basically pragmatic. It'll be interesting to see what sort of response I get.

As for my books, the prison ministry memoir is finished, and so are two novels, one SF and one fantasy. The big problem is finding an agent and/or publisher. With so many wannabe's trying to break into the market, one's lost in the crowd. I need to find the right person to get me through the entry barriers. If anyone knows a good literary agent in the memoir/SF/fantasy area, I'd appreciate an introduction. (Emphasis on GOOD agent, please! :-) )

JPG and Holly, thanks for your comments. Looking forward to seeing you and Lawdog and Phlegm in two weekends' time!

Ambo Driver, thanks, pal. When are you coming this way again? Time for another lunch! If you're up for a trip to meet Lawdog and others down in Texas, let me know.

Steve, I've never thought of this blog as 'educational' so much as 'idle musings', as I say in the headline - things that catch my attention each day, or are important to me. Still, if others find it educational, that's fine with me. Perhaps I could be a bit more controversial . . . but I'm not sure that's me. I'll check it out with Lawdog, JPG, Holly and Phlegm when we get together in a couple of weeks. Perhaps we can all pick a really controversial topic (i.e. "Is Hillary Clinton a reincarnation of Joseph Goebbels?") and have at it jointly and severally on our respective blogs! :-)

Fuzzy's Dad: Thanks for your comments. You do so much more often than most, and I appreciate the feedback.

Thanks again to all of you. It's good to hear that I'm doing something right, in your eyes. I'll try to keep it up, and improve it.

God bless.


phlegmfatale said...

Your blog is brilliant and the heavy traffic seems to indicate you've already said everyhing just so. I've left a few of my own gooberoid comments removing all doubt here and there, but I generally just think you're brilliant. And what's cooler still, is when I read your words, I hear your gorgeous, elegant voice saying them-- nice to have met you, and it will be great to see you again soon!

Chris in SE TX said...

I have been enjoying your blog for quite a while, now. I have also read all of your archives. The reason I don't comment is because I usually don't feel anything else needs to be said.

As far as the Weekend Wings, I really do enjoy this feature. I am interested in aviation and history, although usually not to the point of actively searching the internet to find information on those subjects, unless something prompts me to do it. I therefore really enjoy reading the Weekend Wings features. Sometimes your writings prompt me into doing further research to find more details. I enjoy that.

I also REALLY enjoy the "Doofus of the Day" features.

Anyway, I hope you will continue to write your blog, pretty much just as you have done so far. While I won't say it's perfect (nothing is) I and other seem to like it just fine. I especially like that you update your posts regularly and don't make them too short.

Christina LMT said...

Yeah! What they said!

(Now you see why I comment so rarely!)

I truly enjoy reading your blog, Peter. It's informative and very entertaining (and funny!)

Sometimes I'll read the Weekend Wings, sometimes I won't. It truly depends on how much time I have, since I work all weekend.

Just keep up the great work! 80,000 hits? I'm at around 6,000 now, after blogging for a year and a half! So you must know you're good...:)

Brandon said...

Obviously, I'm very late to this thread, as I'm still catching up from the long Memorial Day weekend. I read more often from work than home, which is time-limiting and thus restrictive of extensive commenting. However, I enjoy your blog very much and have followed it since you began.

While you may not be controversial, I always leave having learned something. A lack of controversy is a positive aspect from my point of view -- I have enough drama in life as it is!

I also very much enjoyed meeting you and the others in Dallas this weekend. Gracie and I had a very nice time, and I hate that we had to miss the range session on Sunday.