Friday, May 23, 2008

Operation Fruitcake

I'm told that fruitcake is one of the least desirable gifts.

I don't know about this. My Mom had an absolutely delicious recipe for fruitcake, which she'd frequently make for the family. To add to the flavor, she'd sometimes wrap the cakes in foil, soak them with half a bottle of Guinness, and let them sit on the shelf for a few weeks to let the cake absorb all that dark goodness. The result was incredible! It'd melt off a fork, and tasted heavenly.

(Runs to bathroom to wipe drool from mouth.)

Anyway, I was amused to discover the Web site of Operation Fruitcake. This discusses (and films) various ways of disposing of fruitcake. It's sponsored by a commercial company, and the advertising clips for their services are a bit annoying, but the videos of the many and varied ways of killing these things are quite funny nonetheless.

They've fired them from cannons, launched them as rockets, exploded them, cooked them in microwave ovens, seared them with welding torches . . . the list is almost endless. The site has video of most of their attempts. If you hate fruitcake and want to indulge your loathing, it's worth a visit.



Anonymous said...

I personally like fruitcake. My wife makes the best fruitcake I have ever eaten.

Unknown said...

I must be weird. I love fruitcake, too. My girlfriend thinks it's 'cause it's the only thing nuttier than I.