Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Victim Selection Process Redux

Readers may remember my February post about a sudden and acute failure of the victim selection process. That was when two dorks decided to rob an Australian entertainment facility . . . while fifty members of a biker club (think Hell's Angels in the Southern Hemisphere) were using it.

This is what's known in the trade as Not. A. Good. Idea. For the results, see the earlier post linked above.

It now appears that a third member of the gang idiot has been caught. He was allegedly the one who drove off in a stolen car, narrowly missing various irate bikers. (Of course, the fact that they were throwing furniture at him at the time might explain his haste.)

The 24-year-old was one of three men involved in the raid on Regents Park Sporting Club, in Sydney's south west, in February.

He was charged this morning with armed robbery, using a weapon to avoid arrest, illegal use of a motor vehicle, possessing a prohibited drug and driving whilst disqualified, police said.

The two other men involved in the attack entered the club carrying machetes and demanded cash from staff, police alleged.

But they failed to notice 50 members of the Southern Cross Cruiser Club enjoying a drink in the nearby auditorium.

"Fifty of us jumped out of our seats and raced out to the main bar," club president Jerry "Jester" van Cornewal told smh.com.au in February.

One of the robbers charged through a glass door, leapt off a five-metre balcony and ran through a bowling green, Jester said. Police arrested him a short time later.

The other escaped through an exit behind the bar, but was caught by Jester.

Two other men involved in the robbery were charged with attempted robbery the day after the robbery took place.

Now me, I'd say that arresting him was a waste of time and taxpayers' money, and charging him even more so. Why not simply phone up our friend 'Jester' and advise him of the chap's address? I daresay fifty bikers remember their previous encounter very well, and would be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss it with him.

At some length.



Anonymous said...

I thought you were opposed to the death penalty?
Surely leaving this poor dumb bastiche to the tender mercies of a biker gang would violate that moral stand????

Peter said...

Oh, I don't think they'd have killed him - after all, they handed over the first two to the police. I just think the handing-over process might have been . . . interesting . . . not to mention prolonged!


Shane said...

My guess is that after their -- shall we say -- encouragement, the recipient of their attention would voluntarily surrender himself to the authorities with a written, signed confession in hand, pleading to be put in a nice, safe gaol (the spelling seemed appropriate).