Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Say it ain't so!

To my utter dismay, I see that some clowns are planning a remake of the 1970's classic 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'.

To that I can only exclaim: IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE???

This is sacrilege! How can anyone but Tim Curry properly portray Dr. Frank N. Furter? Is it even conceivable that the stalwart Brad and innocent Janet could ever be acted by anyone but Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon? And as for anyone but Meatloaf as a biker delivery boy and meal for the Doctor . . . verily, the mind doth boggle!

No. Some things just aren't meant to be . . . and I can only hope that the clowns behind this idea realize that, and drop their plans. If they don't, I summon the legions of true Rocky Horror fans to battle! This must not be!



Jerry said...

Hasn't that movie been "remade" just about every night at midnight for almost 40 years now?

Anonymous said...

Is it ironic to talk about stuff being sacred when talking about that movie? What were the comments from middle aged adults when that came out originally?


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, that's just, ick. Come on folks, leave Rocky Horror alone!

Bob@thenest said...

No worse than the current remake on TV of Hawaii Five O. Yecch.

Or the TV show-Miami, same TV show-Vegas, same TV show-New York, ad infinitum.

There seems to be a shortage of creativity in the entertainment industry these days.

DaddyBear said...

After work I'm getting my bustier and stockings out of storage for the coming revolution!