Sunday, October 31, 2010

A spammer bites the dust

I'm delighted to hear that one of the worst e-mail spammers in the world, a Russian by the name of Igor A. Gusev, is now under investigation by the police in that country. He appears to have fled the country, and they're looking for him.

What surprised me is the sheer volume of spam he (or his operation) was putting out. According to the Consumerist, worldwide spam e-mails have dropped by a staggering one-fifth since his operations were targeted. There are apparently 200 billion (yes, that's B for Billion!) spam e-mails generated every day. This one man, and his operation, were apparently sending out 40 billion of them!

Makes my efforts to reach readers through this blog (which is, I hasten to add, hardly spam!) seem rather amateurish by comparison, doesn't it?


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Rauðbjorn said...

I was not aware that spam was a crime. Nice!