Thursday, October 28, 2010

This is why I'll never try drag-racing!

I've never seen so much concentrated carnage in my life!



Carteach said...

Twenty years worth of blow ups in one video.

In just about every case the driver walked away. Amazing machines, they are.

dagamore said...


I have been drag racing for about 20 years, just turned 36, watched a few bad wrecks, but never saw anyone with more then a broken bone and light burns!

If you are enough power, you are in a very well build cage, with massive fire suits and full helmet, you will fill your shorts, but you will also probably walk away.

My bad wreck was just past the 1/4 mile mark, pulled the chutes and watched a good weld give way, i hit the wall at the end of the track at ~75mph! a few bruises and ~$25K and i was again running low 9's. I love showing off my scratched and semi-melted helmet to others, just watching their faces drop is so worth it.

If the nitro/speed bug bites you, it holds you for life!

Old NFO said...

I've gotta agree with Carteach0- Lots of wrecks, but YEARS to get that many for the video. I've raced/attended races off and on for 20 years and only seen 1 bad wreck (and both drivers walked away). NHRA has had a few deaths, but they have ALWAYS had a big push for safety.

Anonymous said...

I admire the drivers who have the sense to get out of the throttle and hang up the laundry when it starts getting sideways, either figuratively or literally.


Anonymous said...

Quite a few of those were at National Trail Raceway, I think. I worked a motorcycle escort detail there several years ago, escorting the winners back to the pits for engine changeouts.