Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Buy one, and get a Doofus award free!

I note with mind-boggled amazement that a company is selling razors for a mere US $100,000 apiece. The manufacturer loftily informs us:

Utilizing expertise in fields as varied as rocket engine manufacturing, nanotechnology, and particle physics, the Zafirro Iridium combines some of the rarest, strongest, and most technically advanced materials in existence. The resulting combination of exotic materials pushes the boundaries of technology while creating an aesthetic that could be the centerpiece of a gallery collection.

The result of years of R&D, utilizing experts from around the world, our solid white sapphire blades launch a new era of shaving. Hypoallergenic, impervious to oxidation and corrosion, and an order of magnitude more durable than any other shaving blade. Zafirro sapphire blades are sharpened using high-energy,ionized particles creating a blade edge less than 100 atoms across, or 5000 times thinner than a human hair. Zafirro provides complementary servicing and professional cleaning for Iridium customers, as well as resharpening if necessary, to make sure your razor remains one of the most advanced and finely tuned consumer products. Ten years of servicing is included.

. . .

The razor handle centerpiece is 99.95% pure iridium, the strongest and densest functional metal on the planet, mainly derived from meteorites, and 10 times more rare than platinum. One of the primary uses of iridium has been rocket engine components because of its extreme durability. The platinum hexagonal screws on the Zafirro Iridium are custom machined to extremely tight tolerances on CNC Swiss screw micromachines designed for advanced biotech applications. The screws are 99.95% pure platinum, a far higher purity than most expensive jewelry.

There's more at the link. Only 99 of these white iridium elephants will be made.

For the life of me, I can't imagine anyone being daft enough to imagine that spending $100,000 on a razor would somehow improve their morning shave . . . As points out about the ultra-heat-resistant iridium handle: "The razor’s handle ... may be a bit of an overkill considering the hot water it will be exposed to won’t be any higher that 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Nevertheless, if you shave near a lava flow you’ll be covered."

We'll let The Consumerist have the last word: "At that price, it better be able to kill vampires and werewolves, automatically."




Bob@thenest said...

At that price it should come with a prepaid live-in barber.

Stranger said...

And I still prefer the old single blade Schick disposable to any of these new high dollar six blade face scrapers. Which seem not to be made to shave, but only made to sell.


Mockingbird said...

In observance of the 150th anniversary of The War between the States, I ain't shaving these days.

BobG said...

ZZ Top was unavailable for comment.

Dave H said...

That's nice, but the iPhone still has more apps in the App Store.

Wraith said...

For that kind of money, it ought to be a straight razor. I think masculine culture lost something when men switched to the safety blade. :(

Anonymous said...

Let the myth busters test it out.
they should tell us the rest of the story.