Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yes, Blogger had problems last night

Looking at the support forum, hundreds of other Blogger users had the same problems I found last night, which is why others of your favorite blogs might have been light on posting. The Blogger team seems to have fixed the problem, so regular posting should resume tonight.

As an aside, it always bugs me how people who use this free - let me repeat that: FREE!!! - blogging software can get so up-in-arms when it hits a snag. It's not as if we're paying for it, but some folks seem to get their knickers in a twist and get rude with the software providers about any interruption in service. Hey, I don't like interruptions either, but if I want something better, perhaps I should start to, y'know . . . pay for it!

Until then, I'll remain grateful to Google for providing this free platform for so many of us, and giving it a whole lot of nifty features. It's a very welcome and worthwhile public service. Thanks to the Blogger team for sorting out last night's problem, too.



Bob@thenest said...

As if they were all Greeks?! :-)

Crucis said...

Hmmm, didn't notice anything. But then, I posted lightly yesterday anyway.

Old NFO said...

Didn't notice anything either...

fuzzys dad said...

I did not notice any problems

Glenn B said...

Amen brother, it is free as in no charge and thus why harangue them too much when it goes down.

Me, no problems yesterday blogging.

All the best,