Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A photographic history of World War II

The Atlantic has just begun publishing a 20-part series of articles on "World War II in Photos". So far, two articles have been published. The first is "Before The War". Here are a couple of sample photographs from it, reduced in size to fit this blog.

A Japanese soldier stands guard over part of the captured Great Wall of China in 1937,
during the Second Sino-Japanese War

German-made Stuka dive bombers, part of the Condor Legion,
in flight above Spain on May 30, 1939, during the Spanish Civil War

The second article is "The Invasion of Poland and the Winter War".

On September 17, 1939, the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Courageous
was hit by torpedoes from the German submarine U-29, and sank within 20 minutes

Finnish troops inspect captured Soviet tanks and cars
along a road in a snow covered forest on January 17, 1940

There are many more (and larger) photographs in each article. With 18 more instalments to come, this series looks like it'll be well worth following. You might want to bookmark the series page and keep an eye out for the weekly articles. I plan to read them all.



Mad Jack said...

Thank you very much for the link. The photos are excellent.

Scott McCray said...

Peter, you come up with some amazing stuff - thank you for the link - bookmarked and shared...

Old NFO said...

Peter, nicely done! Again! :-)

trailbee said...

Thank you for this posting and the links.
I didn't realize until this moment why I pulled out Hansen's "The Father of Us All." I was in Ch. 11, a chapter on our Military errors in our past conflicts, which included WWII. For some reason I had put it down and stacked umpteen things on it. It was to get my head ready.
Yesterday we took our grouchy outboard to the repair "tech" and I read while awaiting the diagnosis. It will be interesting to see this war in installments, and if the photos are "genuine " or more in the media/propaganda mode.