Saturday, June 11, 2011

A safe that 'went Skynet'?

I'd never heard that term, until I read the Adaptive Curmudgeon's story of his electronic gun safe.

Long ago I bought a cheap pistol safe. I used it to store my cheap pistol.

It was a handy little safe; pleasing black metallic finish, foam coated interior. I “multitasked” with it. My computer monitor was too low. What better use for a pistol safe than a monitor stand? I was surfing the net while armed.

I used the safe to store a stapler and a gun.

Since I didn’t live in Mogadishu or Detroit I mostly used the stapler. Every time I needed to staple something I was reminded of the combination. Despite what safety Nazis tell you, I never accidentally shot the computer. Nor did I inadvertently staple any home invading criminals.

Inevitably, his safe 'gave up the ghost'. He describes his efforts to restore it to operation. It's a long tale, and very funny. Go read it for yourself.



Adaptive said...

Thanks for the link. I should have put you on my blogroll ages ago but it's there now. As for the safe I got busy and didn't get it to the's still locked, lurking, and threatening domestic tranquility.

Old NFO said...

Great story! And another reason not to 'trust' batteries :-)

TJIC said...

About 6 months ago I wanted to get my passport...which was locked in a $60 firesafe from which I had lost the combination.

I put a cutting wheel on my Dewalt angle grinder and went to town (attacking the side wall, not the hinges or the door).

Dusty (because of the plaster lining, but it got the job done in just a few minutes.

trailbee said...

What a hilarious story! Thanks. Passing it on to my husband, who wants a gun safe. :)