Saturday, May 4, 2013

Am I a prophet, or what?

A few days ago, I asked "Is Israel bombing Syrian chemical weapons plants?"  I suggested that Israel was, in effect, acting on behalf of Washington, as a US surrogate, in attacking Syrian weapons sites.

It appears I wasn't speculating idly.

If one can add two and two together to get four, it's not hard to see an emerging pattern here.



Anonymous said...
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Peter said...

Anti-semitic comments are not welcome here (as are anti-any-other-ethnic-group comments).

Anonymous said...
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JohninMd.(too late?!?) said...

Harda hearin' ain't he, Peter? B-)

Peter B said...

There's this from Bill Gertz about Iran:

"Iran’s terrorist-backing government is expanding the use of proxies around the world to carry out its military policies, according to a Pentagon report.

Tehran also continued building ballistic missiles and appears on the way to flight testing an intercontinental ballistic missile by 2015, according to a brief summary of the annual Report on the Military Power of Iran.

However, the report to Congress for the first time states Iran’s military doctrine is “defensive,” a significant shift reflecting the more soft line policy views toward the theocratic state held by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel."

DOD sees Iran's "expanding the use of proxies around the world" as part of a "defensive" military doctrine, while Damien McElroy, also writes that the leak about the bunker busters "is a very clear signal to Iran but also to Israel from the US that really serves to restrain them..."

Maybe it's three and a half, not four.

Peter B said...

Which says that Israel is signing on to a "containment" approach rather than a "prevention" one for a nuclear Iran. Sounds like Bibi feels really secure behind those American red lines.