Friday, May 17, 2013

Getting the cops' goat???

Or is it the other way around?

... on Monday a goat was found trespassing into a resident’s garage ... Chief Kyle Aspinwall [of Mont Vernon, NH] responded to the scene and captured it, but not without a fight: The goat, which is believed to be a female even though it “refused to identify itself,” resisted arrest.

“The goat really did try to head-butt the chief,” said Sgt. Aaron Daigneault.

. . .

The brown-and-black goat’s owner wasn’t identified so the escapee was placed in a local resident’s home. That is, until it escaped for the second time, on Tuesday morning.

There's more at the link.

Hmmm . . . in Mexico (where goats are frequently encountered on the menu), in days of yore attempted escape from the law - real or staged - often led to 'ley de fuga'.  That being the case, and given the Obama administration's efforts to legitimize illegal aliens, I wonder if New Hampshire cops know that goats - which aren't native to that state, and are therefore (presumably) illegal aliens - make pretty good eatin'?  Just sayin' . . .



Anonymous said...

Cabrito (goat meat) can be OK, but it is never as good as carefully raised beef, however novel.

It is just a fad. Like the current 'oh yeah, they're going to start knocking horses on the head so we can eat them.'

Horses and dogs deserve a better place in our pantheon, they are the reasons and the ONLY reasons humans went from turning over logs and eating roaches to actually being a civilized species.

Dogs and Horses. Only. We domesticated those little horses. Dogs domesticated themselves.

JD(not the one with the picture) said...

Cabrito a fad? Tell that to the people of south Texas and northern Mexico who have been eating and enjoying it for several hundred years. As to goat never being as good as carefully raised beef, that is totally subjective; it's like saying cognac is never as good as a Grand Cru Bordeaux. And to those with an educated palate, cabrito can be not just OK, but sublime.