Friday, May 24, 2013


Miss D. is following the progress of my novel's sales far more closely than I am (I'm concentrating on Book 2 of the series, which comes out in July, and hoping for long-term rather than only short-term sales success).  This morning she giggled as she said, "Guess what?"  This is what she'd found.

That's right - at the time of writing, 'Take The Star Road' is:

  • 17th on Amazon's list of 'hot new releases' in Science Fiction e-books overall;
  • 7th on its list of 'hot new releases' in military SF e-books;  and
  • all the way up to 3rd place on its list of 'hot new releases' in Space Opera SF e-books.

The lists change from hour to hour, of course, so there's no guarantee it'll stay that high:  but just to reach the first page of results in all those categories is wonderful!  As for being in the top 3 in a category . . . that's just too cool for school!

Thank you all very much for your support, and particularly for spreading the word about my first novel.  I couldn't have done any of this without you.  Also, if you've read it but not yet posted a review on, please do so - new readers often make purchasing decisions based upon reviews.  Thanks muchly!



Rev. Paul said...

I couldn't be happier for you, my friend. Congrats!!

Rev. Paul said...

Also, I just posted my opinion of the book (VERY good) and a link to Brigid's review (better than I could do).

JP said...

Great book! Can't wait for the second one. Review@Amazon left for you.

agirlandhergun said...


dturtleman said...

If ever have a Nook version, I'll give 'er a go!

Mike_C said...

Congratulations! I actually overcame my longstanding aversion to Kindle to buy your book, FW(little)IW. Looking forward to reading it now that the long weekend is here. (Once I get reading a good novel it's usually "Why are the birds singing at this time of ... oh, crap, dawn!")

Francis W. Porretto said...

Get it into .EPUB format, for heaven's sake! The Kindle isn't the only platform out there.

Peter said...

@Francis W. Porretto: There's an easy way to get an ePub file of my book (see below), but I won't be offering them anytime soon, for two reasons:

1. I asked my readers, prior to publication, which format they would prefer. The overwhelming majority of responses (90%+ over both comments and e-mails) were for the Kindle platform.

2. If I publish exclusively with Amazon and Kindle, I get almost twice the royalty rate that I would by splitting the book between competing sellers and e-publishing formats. It's hard to justify the loss of income that would accompany multiple formats.

However, it's very easy to convert a Kindle file into an ePub using (free) software such as Calibre. I've already had several readers do that, e-mailing me for hints about the process if necessary, and they're today reading an Amazon file on their Nook or other non-Amazon hardware with no trouble. I deliberately set up my book without DRM to permit such conversions.

I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Glad the book is doing so well, Peter!

I bought it - if for no other reason than for all of the fun I've had reading your blog over the years! Partial Payment - can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

*stands, applauds*


Glenn B said...

Good for you.