Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A "Squeeee!" of a different kind . . .

I had to laugh at this tale of a passionate piggy in the town of China, Maine.

A ... woman called police Jan. 27 after hearing what she believed to be a fight coming from a home separated by woods just a short distance away. The caller feared she had overheard domestic violence at the home.

. . .

“The homeowner stated her male pig was screaming because he was in a pen with five other female pigs in heat,” according to the police report.

There's more at the link.

I can believe that the boar sounded like a passionate person - I've heard them carry on like that before now.  What I want to know is, was he screaming in delight at being able to work his wicked way with no less than five (literally) hot-to-trot sows . . . or was he screaming because he couldn't handle the advances of all five of them at once?



Murphy's Law said...

I heard that Ned Beatty was seen driving away from the scene.

Morris said...

Murphy's Law, that's wickedly funny. :P