Thursday, February 20, 2014

Remember I mentioned Hi-Point firearms?

In my article last week about 'Defensive firearms on a bare-bones budget', I mentioned that a low-cost yet seemingly reliable pistol was made by Hi-Point Firearms.  I said that 'I actually like their carbines much better than their handguns'.

Here's a news report about a woman in Detroit who fought off three home invaders using a Hi-Point carbine.  The model displayed in the news report looks similar to the 995TSFG model.  It certainly did its job in keeping her and her children safe.

Apparently the cops caught all three home invaders.  I'd like to think they'll lock them up for years to come, but you and I know that's probably not going to happen.  They'll most likely just get a slap on the wrist, perhaps a few months in juvenile hall . . . then they're going to get out and do it again.  Next time, hopefully their selected 'victim' will be able to put a stop to their shenanigans once and for all.



Sport Pilot said...

Hi Point Arms pistols have a near cult following far beyond what I would have expected. I’m ambivalent about them due to their oversized bulk, still though they work effectively. Even more so people purchase them as quickly as they appear in gun shop display cases.
The carbine has if possible a stronger following and cargo cult appeal to it but is limited by magazine capacity. It is even odder in appearance than the pistols but far better in home owner’s hands who have limited firearms training.
FWIW I find the 45ACP carbine to almost be the cat’s meow and given the cost of the 45ACP carbine I really want might be the one I settle for.

Bryn, North Wales, UK said...

I saw this reported, and hard on the heels of "well done, good for her" came the thought that she needs some shooting lessons - multiple shots fired, and not a single goblin lying leaking on the ground. Not quite a waste of ammo as they were frightened away, but even so.... just my humble 2d worth, from a country that has disarmed it's law abiding sheep back to medieval levels....

Anonymous said...

The first rule of winning a gunfight is "bring a gun". It may be faddish to look down one's nose at hi-points, but a crude (and they are crude) pistol caliber carbine checks that box off. For some, that's as much as can be afforded, especially in this economy. For myself, my first gun was a sixty year old, three-round bolt-action 12ga shotgun that I got for free for tutoring a friend through two years of college. It wasn't much, but it's tremendously more effective than harsh language.

I'm putting together a $3500 (with optics) short barreled, suppressed AR 15 in .300 AAC Blackout right now, because I can. Should I be reduced to financial ruin and have to start over, I'd be glad for a $150 hi-point brick in the nightstand.

Old NFO said...

It worked... and yes she could use lessons, BUT IT WORKED! They are safe!!!

Anonymous said...

"Fortunately, no one was hit". I believe it would have been more fortunate for society if the predators had been hit. Every wolf culled makes the sheep safer.


Anonymous said...

I live in the Detroit area, and I've heard that the woman involved said that she wasn't trying to hit them. She was just trying to scare them away.

She got lucky. It worked.


Stu Garfath, Sydney. said...

Had this happened in Australia, there is a 99.99% chance that she would have had no way at all to protect herself and her children from the three armed invaders, she would have been completely helpless, with potentially horrific results.
For that, we Australians have our Federal Government to thank, it is virtually against the law here to defend yourself with a firearm, and that includes 'B.B.' guns.
Here, she would've been subject to the full power of the law and judiciary, her life, if she still had it, would have been a lawful and legal misery.

PapaMAS said...

Stu - that sucks. I hope it does not happen here.

I have been looking at the Hi-Point carbines lately. It seems like a least-costly way to get some good firepower, and may be useful for training folks. I see them going for about $250 on gunbroker. I think I might spring for one. As far as I can tell, the only drawback is it is limited to a 10 round mag; any non-Hi-Point mags used voids the warranty.

Anonymous said...

The HiPoint carbine shoots nice and is easy to handle. They mount to your shoulder quickly and naturally. A bit weird in looks, that's true. Some folks even call them 'PLOTA' Guns (Planet of the Apes) because of their clunky looks.

They are good utility guns. And the warranty can't be beat (lifetime).