Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Doofus Of The Day #750

Today's award goes to the imbeciles who dreamed up this stunt, fitting ultra-loud speakers to their vehicle then driving through what looks like an inner-city neighborhood playing the sound of gunfire at high volume.

Do that around me - or any one of dozens of people I know, particularly in areas like mine that contain large numbers of well-armed, self-sufficient people - and your car (and probably you and your passengers as well) will resemble a well-ventilated Swiss cheese before you can say "I was only joking!"  In the average inner-city neighborhood, I'd say the risk of encountering a similar response is not insignificant.  Just ask the residents of any US urban ghetto.



Murphy's Law said...

I'll tell you what...SUV drive at me making gun sounds, I'm not going to stand there and try to determine if if might actually be some sort of stupid prank. More likely, I'm going to respond to the perceived threat and some joker is gonna owe me a magazine or two of some expensive ammo.

Shrimp said...

What am I seeing at the 1:06 - 1:08 mark?

Will said...

It does look like someone steps out into the roadway and fires a couple rounds at the tail of the SUV. Flashes are not very obvious, but then again, why would the guy step out into the clear like that, if not to return fire?

Could have been a cell/camera flash, I suppose, although that should have been much brighter.

Shrimp said...

Not just that, but the apparent spark on the ground simultaneously at the 1:08 mark.