Friday, September 19, 2014

A great piece of flying

Watch this DC-10 water bomber from 10 Tanker dive straight down a ridgeline to drop its load of fire retardant, then firewall the throttles to pull up clear of the cross-ridge where the photographer is waiting.  I recommend watching the video in full-screen mode.

I didn't know you could toss one of those whale-like planes around like that - and I suspect most airline pilots wouldn't even try!  Kudos to the pilot for his skills.

You can see more videos of the DC-10 water bombers at 10 Tanker's Web site, and on YouTube.



Lou said...

I was recently at the Museum of History & Industry in Seattle where I watched a film of the first public flyby of the new Boeing 707 prototype. As the plane passed the grandstands the pilot, Tex Smith did a beautiful barrel roll. Probably pretty hard on the stewardess's.

Murphy's Law said...

OK, so now I need one of those.

Anonymous said...

Whisky Romeo says;

An airplane that big is prerequisite for the pilot in command, just to carry aroung his huevos! GOOD JOB, PILOT.

Brother Pilot said...

Good job indeed! I've seen KC10s at airshows do max performance takeoffs when they're basically empty, and it's just amazing what they can do at light weights. After dropping all that retardant I'm sure that he was pretty close to empty! Still, a great piece of flying and not a lot of room to screw up. Well done.

Roy said...

That was an impressive bit of flying, but it looked like he missed the fire completely.

Peter said...

@Roy: He was laying a barrier to prevent the fire spreading over the crest and down the far side of the hill. That was retardant he was dumping - hence the red color. It slows down the progress of the fire by making vegetation harder to burn.

Dennis said...


Incredible video. Incredible piece of flying.The DC-10 was one of McDonald Douglas's best efforts.

Have any of you seen, or know if there is any video, of the DC-10 that lost its starboard engine, barrel-rolled and crashed Chicago(?) airport?

@lou, the famous 707 barrel roll was performed by Tex Johnson over Lake Washington at the Seattle Seafare hydroplane races.... over a huge crowd of spectators!

It was a demo flight with no passengers. Incredibly, old Tex was not fired for this stunt, although it is said his Boeing superiors were plenty pissed off.

@peter, Peter, I'm the poor anti-gun guy who has been taking a beating on your site(!). I'm also a guy who really appreciates your airplane posts. I e-mailed you a couple of weeks ago requesting that you comment on your take of the F-35 boondoggle.Do you think the F-35 program has painted itself into coffin-corner?

Anonymous said...

I was on a 777 from Singapore to Frankfurt and we were on our final approach. We were about 250'altitude and in the threshold when the Captain came on the intercom and announced rather forcefully that there was an obstruction on the runway (later to be found out a stalled truck).

Full throttle high attack climb out immediately after the announcement. I had no idea that machine could move like that. Damn impressive.


Peter said...

@Dennis: I've written extensively about the F-35 boondoggle. Executive summary: I'd like to see the entire program canned before it destroys the US defense budget entirely.

Dennis said...

I agree with your executive summary.

It seems that Lockheed-Martin has a repeated history of delivering overpriced dogs to the Air Force. The C5A, the F-22, and now the F-35.

What amazes me, is that after the F-111 experience, the DOD would again fall for the flawed model of the same plane for The Air Force, The Navy, and the marines.

It seems to me that everybody knows the aircraft is a flop, but nobody has the balls, or power to take on the DOD, Lockheed-Martin, and our paid-off congressmen.

Have you read William D. Hartung's 2011 book "Phrophets of War". Lockheed-Martin and the making of the Military-Industrial Complex?

What chance do you think there is of the program being canned? If it is, are we short of fighter aircraft? The f-15, and f-16's are getting very old now, and I've not read too much praise for the F-22.

Can these aircraft compete with the latest Sukhoi models in your opinion?