Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An aviation tragedy in Libya

Last week a Libyan Air Force MiG-21 fighter crashed, killing its pilot.  This week, in a fly-past in Tobruk that was intended as a memorial for the dead pilot, another MiG-21 crashed, this time into an apartment block, killing at least the pilot and a young boy on the ground.  The search for more victims is continuing.

Someone filmed the second crash from the roof of another building.  It's a brutally clear picture of what happens when an aircraft crashes into a built-up area.  WARNING:  The volume is extremely loud.  I suggest you turn it down before watching.

May God have mercy on the souls of those who died, and those who lost loved ones.



Will said...

Pilot disabled? plenty of time to punch out, but looks like the canopy was still in place.

Sabotage, perhaps?

Sherm said...

I understand one group is claiming mechanical problems while another is claiming they shot the plane down. It'd be interesting to hear any radio transmissions and learn if it was anything more than غائط, بذاءة.

Anonymous said...

Jets, even a MiG-21, are by definition maintenance hogs.

I doubt they are keeping up with any service and PM activity that would be approved by a major air force.